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Hi! Today I am using the barnwood IOD stamp.

The first time you use your stamp, you lightly scuff it in a couple different directions, and when you go to pull it off the mount, it is hard. But they are durable and sturdy! They also have mounts that come with grid lines which works great for the typesetting transfer which is the letters. So you can get your stuff lined up!

I went ahead and busted out an IOD brayer. You could also use a high density roller, but the brayer has a better texture and rolls better. Invest in your tools! 🙂

 I’m working with a sample board that I painted white, tan, and gray and brushed on in a specific direction so I can get a good barnwood look. I use dollar cutting boards to put my paint on and then loaded my brayer just by rolling over several times to get good coverage. I used a chalk based paint on this piece, but clay based is great too! Latex is hard to clean off, just beware but it can be used!

I rolled onto the stamp, just being somewhat careful not to get paint on the mount, because when you go to place it on your piece, it can mess it up and smear it, especially if you are putting it on fabric. Just keep a baby or Lysol wipe around just to wipe it off. I just did gray on all the boards, but it would be really cool to do different colors on each plank and switch it up! IOD also has ink so it is more translucent and it’s really good for the smaller stamps.

A key to think amount: you want your stamp and mount to be clean, or the stamp wont stick, and fall off when you go to turn it over and put it on and it can just be a mess.

This is one of their larger stamps so there are several pieces to it. Like this comes with knot holes and nail holes so you can really customize your piece. So this stamp is a little more expensive than some of the others. Some people also freehand each plank and just go with it.

Another thing…. when you are using chalk paint on a larger piece, it can dry out really fast on your stamp (just like it did to me in the video below!! :)), so you need to watch it! I had to add some water in my paint to freshen it up but not too much so it’s not drippy. I don’t know how Bob Barker did it….. everything was live!

Once you get the stamp flipped over onto your piece, you got to commit! Just gently press and rub and don’t let it slide! So when I pulled it off the second time, it looked like stinkin’ wood! It’s awesome. I ended up doing the planks one by one since I used the chalk paint and it wanted to dry on me.

I wanted to do the knot hole and nail holes for you guys. So I loaded my brayer again, and then the stamp and then added those to the planks I had already stamped on. Oh my gosh! It looked so good. It looked like dad gum nail holes! I love this company!

Any dates mentioned in video are out of date! Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

Thanks for watchin!


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