Zephaniah 3:1-5

When you are exposed in an area, those emotions are heightened and released. No matter if the cause of your responses was justified or not. It doesn’t matter. Justice or injustice. Big or little situations. Seen by many, or in the privacy of your own home. By yourself or with others.

Are you willing to seek what God says afterwards? When you fall, get back up. Check your path to make sure you are still on the straight and narrow. Repent, confess, and receive His love.
Then go back at it!!! Let God speak and deal with the hearts that are involved. Don’t prove and justify anything to anyone.
I used to not communicate in situations at all. That isn’t right either. Sometimes you need to hash things out. Speak truths, in fear and trembling that we are in need of grace as well. Softly, with emotions in submission.
We are to be a set apart holy race. One that looks and responds differently than people not in the high call and covenant of salvation. Ezekiel 43:12 talks about this.
I used to justify when I saw people proclaiming to be a Christian, but their actions and fruit showed different. I was well, they are saved, but just not in ‘high’ call. I have now changed my thinking. I am convinced there is only one call. It all is the same. We are building God’s kingdom or the devils. The call and covenant of salvation is holy.
He says I am holy, so you are to be also. This is a lifetime process until we are no longer in this earth body. We need the fear of the Lord so that we can be a picture of that on earth. Our life should stir, and point others to want it for themselves.
If we aren’t different than the ‘world’ in our responses and actions, we need to run to our closet and get back on track.
People will use our shortcomings against us. Let our response be, Lord, what do you say about this? Then, keep going forward.
Those very people may some day fall at your feet for help. Be like Joseph. He had a chance to show and get back at his brothers when they were starving and came for help. They didn’t know it was him. At one point, he had to turn away. He was crying in emotion for his family. He stayed in a process of dealing with bitterness correctly!!! He knew God used that awful thing they did to save their very lives. Him pouring out to them did more than the food he gave. This is the power of the end time bride!!!

This is where we need to be. The earth and people will give many opportunities for a bitter root to take hold, and poison us. The beautiful bride God wants to use and come for, is not bitter. Bitter people are ugly!!! There is nothing I want, that they have. I run from it.
Pull the roots! It is time to get our ground ready. Are we not bearing fruit? It may be a root that poisoned our ground.
So next time our junk is exposed and out of line, rejoice!! It is a chance to be in the process of holiness!!




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