Look well to the ways of our flock. Proverbs 30
We are to be a good shepherd like Jesus. John 10:1-11

I am the door; by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall GO IN and OUT, and find pasture. Verse 10, the thief comes but to steal, kill and to destroy; I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. Verse 11, I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.
So it says that we are to come in and out. I believe that means go into the secret place and into our closet. Our one on one fellowship with Him. The ask, seek, and knock, so we can know God’s heart and who He is. Every day morning, noon, and night. This is going into a heavenly place or supernatural precious times.
But then, we have to go out into the world, and function with people who don’t know Him, and some people who even hate Him. Some will hate us because of Him.
We have temporal things we have to do every day. This is where we build spiritual equity in the kingdom. This is where we labor for the souls of men. This is where we can be a light, sat on a place to shine a shadow of who God is in the flesh. To shine light that will disperse darkness, so it can’t take over. This is where we are doing seemingly mundane nothing things. Things that aren’t spiritual, are really everything. It is counting!! Our heart motives and meditations make it temporal or eternal. It is really a chance to be trained, exposed, tested, and build our faith muscles. This place, shows who we really are and where we need to go. This place is our pop quiz. This place is where we bring the heavenly ways down, unto the physical earth. That is in Proverbs as well. She brings her food from a far. She went up to the secret place, and brought it back down to feed her family.

Verse 11 Jesus said, “I give my life for the sheep”. His ultimate was the cross. But then He tells us to pick up the cross daily. Do as I did, and even more. That is part of the abundant life He said He is.
We have a purpose. We are to know Him, and make Him known. We are to go in and out. We are to lay our life down for others. We are to look well to the ways of our flock. We are all called to shepherd God’s flock. Look for the lost and point them to the door of the sheepfold. Shine the light on it, so they can come in.
You may never say one thing. Matter of fact, show with your fruit and not your words. Don’t school them in a religious formula. Let your whole body, and being hold the standard up. Release the standard by our fruit and countenance. Be a worker that does more than was asked. Be a rock that stays in a place of peace, when people are manifesting hate and complaints. Our actions preach louder than words and religion.
Raise up a standard, when the enemy comes in like a flood, he has to leave.

Jesus left His throne and place right by the Father. To come show us the way. He was separated from the face to face with God. He went away by Himself many times to be one on one with His Dad. He needed to be refilled after being in the world.
If we aren’t feeling and recognizing the everyday things are the everything, we aren’t in our call and purpose. Then we aren’t loving people and wanting them to know God for them self. We are to go in, and then we are sent out. Lay our life down, so we can have life!!!
This is a physical example. In business, if we have a workshop that people pay to come learn something. We are limited on how many we can have in that space and time frame. But if you have an online class, unlimited people from all over could learn from your class.
In the spirit, if we are interceding and praying for what God shows us, we are in that unlimited eternal stream. We can do more by praying, and not saying “words”. Let your fruit be the words. This kind of labor keeps your hands off and your “mind” from making the way etc….. God uses us to release and do His will on earth. He wants us to be vessels. And when we are doing God’s will, it proves to the devil his end is to come. There is a people of their own choice that want to worship and glorify the one true God. A God of much patience and love. The devil is short on time. His only thing he really can do is deceive and pervert the truth. If we want to have something to give, that has weight and eternal value, that has the power to help set people free, so they can go to God for themselves, We have to draw near to God our self. Then be willing to go out and get dirty, hurt, and reviled at times.

In Genesis 18:23 God was going to destroy Sodom. Great judgment on the sin was going to happen. You know what Abraham did. It says he DREW NEAR. He was interceding for Lot to be saved and others if possible. With fear and trembling he kept going near and asking several times!!!!

Let’s shepherd God’s precious sheep. With love, grace, and joy, let’s go!!



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