Get bitterness out.

Bitterness fights against, and can destroy your covenant with God.
Hebrews 12:15 looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God. Lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled.

Isaiah 35:1-10 is the path of holiness. It is the end time bride and the remnant. It is for those that don’t quit on the journey. It is for those that run, as to win the prize. The prize that keeps me going is the one on one relationship I have with the Lord today. Now, not someday when I get to heaven.

Isaiah 35:1 starts out a barren, dry, and lonely place. That is our life without God. That is places in our heart and soul, that even after the beginning of salvation needs healed and redeemed.
Staying in the race, and seeking Him, is the path that will bring healing and fruit in our life. We can’t quit ever. Sometimes I stop and take a breath. Check the paths to make sure I am still heading to the finish line. But then take off again full speed.
This whole passage of Isaiah 35 is talking about the fruit and abundance. The earth is so happy when we are on the straight and narrow walking in Christ and His ways. Everything around those people blossoms. Where ever our feet tread, our journey in Jesus should bring life to those around us.
When we are desolate and dry, it should lead us to cry out to the Lord, so that God can do His amazing work. God, pluck out and destroy the parts that are in need. Heal us Lord.
I am in a place of removing bitterness that I didn’t even know was there. My children have struggled because I raised them with bitterness. It has been painful to hear and see.
I thought I was ahead of some of those key people that had authority and influence in my life. They were angry, controlling, and bitter. I got free from them. I thought. Yes, we can be free and strong enough, but is your heart healed??? If it isn’t, we likely will do the same things but the package just looks different.

This has been brought before me in a series of events of late. I had to break my pride. And confess and say, oh God redeem my children like only you can. I was in a greater accountability than those that wronged me. Because some of those people were not proclaiming God. But I was! Oh that spirit of religion is such a nasty deceiving thing.
Ask the lord to show you where we need healed from our past. Ask to be shown where we are bitter. And be careful of bitter people, not in the process of wanting to be free from it. They will pollute you and start new roots that can grow!!
I know I have had levels of this taken care of, but I have asked to go deeper in Him. I have a foundation of this process that God knew I was able to go to this place He showed me. Oh yes, back to the wilderness. It is not easy. But like in Song of Solomon, we can come out of the wilderness leaning on our Lover. We can come out and bear fruit for the glory of God.
I can’t go back and raise my children again. But today is the day of salvation. He is the Great Redeemer, not us. I have to choose to keep going. I know they see a fruit today of peace and joy like I didn’t have before. But I have had to humble myself and say I was wrong and I am sorry, and keep moving forward. Even if they choose not to come.

Let us be vessels of hope, joy, love, truth, and all the good stuff that will bring God’s heart on earth. Bitterness will close hearts up. Bitterness is not a safe place. I want to be a safe place for hearts to open up to make good ground to receive the seeds God wants to plant.
Thank you Lord for grace on this journey of holiness. You are worth the cost!



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