Deuteronomy chapter 28 says what we chose, brings blessings or curses. We have the key in our hands.

I am not prospering in some areas. Some of them, on the outside, never shows.
But this is the deal: I know that is not what matters. Those parts I can look like I have fruit or am doing okay to most people. But I have chosen to be on the straight and narrow. I have made a covenant to know Him, and make Him known. So that makes the secret parts matter.
What matters is I know and God knows. I am like okay God, all these years and my way is not bearing fruit. I have not overcome. I am still just fighting to maintain and not go backwards. That is not living in the abundant life Jesus came to earth to give us. That is still needing to borrow, and not be the lender instead!!
So I come once again, and say, God I want to be changed. I want to have abundance and total victory. I want to have enough to lend people, and not struggle because I did so. This in finances but emotions and every single aspect of our earth life.
The earth life is where we build equity in heaven. They go hand and hand. Once our life is done on earth there will be no more chance to build a heavenly bank account. So our every breath and doing is our training ground. It is heaven and earth mingled. Like the Proverbs 31 woman. She mingled her grapes. It was bringing the heavenly realm down to her earthly everyday happenings and mixing them together.

Your kingdom come Your will be done. Go into the closet and bring out the one on one with Jesus relationship to earth.
When we go out into our every day happenings, that is what should be happening. We should be bringing the kingdom of heaven, or a picture of it to earth. That is why we need to go off and reset morning, noon, and night. All day it is a labor to do this. Jesus would pour out, and then go away and refresh.

So these are the 3 steps to be blessed.
Deuteronomy 28:1 amplified version.
If you will listen diligently to the voice of the Lord your God, being watchful to do all his commandments which I command you this day, the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations of the earth.
#1 LISTEN diligently to the VOICE
#3 that He tells us TODAY!

So I haven’t looked up the definition of watchful or listen, so that would be good to do. But look at the definition for diligent.
Also, did you notice that it says the commands He says TODAY. Not just the ones that we know, like the 10 Commandments, or the things that have been in our past, or that we’ve been taught or know. It is a seeking to hear and know what is He is telling us today! This is an every day seeking to know His heart and directions and wants. This is the day of salvation. Chose whom you will serve. This is relationship not laws!! He wants to tailor blessings and prosperity in Him by our choices. By our heart being at His feet saying send me Lord!! Here am I. What are you thinking, feeling, and seeing today God? Is there somewhere you want me to be Your hands and feet? When I see God move through human vessels it gives me hope that I can be used and a part of His will. When I have seen the people I had in my mind as super up there and close to God, be human and struggle or mess up, it gets my mind back to, “oh God, we all have need of You!” When I see them break, and go to the cross, I am encouraged that I can keep going and be blessed too!!

If there are areas that are not prosperous there is a problem! Go into the closet and cry out. Don’t quit ever ever ever. Be like Jacob who wrestled with God. He said I won’t let you go until you bless me!!! He knew what the blessing was. He regarded it so highly, that he used deception to steal it from his brother. His brother did not honor it at all, the price was a bowl of soup for him.
So Jacob was a mess, but he didn’t let go and didn’t refuse or quit the process of cleansing. His name was changed. And he could never walk the same again after that. But he was blessed!!!!!
Be willing to have your hip socket and name changed. Don’t quit!! Be on this amazing journey and labor with joy!! So we can make God delight in the labor of His loving hands.



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