Salvation is two parts. Called & chosen. Without walking in the chosen we will not make it until the end. In Revelation it says those that make it until the end are saved. We can’t quit. The standard of holiness being embraced and walked out is what it will take to not give up.
My pastor says, “I don’t care where you have been, or what you have done. What matters is where are you wanting to go?”
To me, that isn’t just a heaven or hell mentality. It is are you wanting to go deeper into knowing the Lord and His ways, and what He has called us to do on the journey on this earth.
I heard him say in a sermon just recently as well, what does it mean when God said we will be Israel. He called Jacob a worm. Jacob was CALLED in his worm state. But to be CHOSEN, that is, are we willing to die to our old nature and desires, to keep in the cleansing process of becoming Israel? Our actions after the call, is where we are able to be chosen, and have a new name.

Many are called but few are chosen. To be chosen we have to step out into faith. Step into the straight and narrow. Step into the furnace of affliction to be cleansed and found worthy.
Why are smiling preachers telling us lies? Why do they not preach cleansing? Why do they say name and proclaim who YOU are, and all that you want.
Because they would lose many members who may be called people. But CHOSEN people are messy and hard to deal with. Because when we start into the journey of a CHOSEN people, it is not a nice little box and 1,2,3 and we are good to go forever. The standard of holiness messes things up. Stuff manifests.

God will not do His end time work through people that can’t handle His glory and power correctly. We don’t turn over a corporation to a 12 year son.
If we want to be the bride, who gets to see, and be a vessel of the Lord’s heart, we have to grow up and be cleansed, so we can be trusted with the mysteries of the kingdom.
Rejoice when we are called out on our shortcomings. It means we can see and deal with it. So we don’t miss out! He says He corrects His sons, because of His great love for us.
We are in a great battle for our souls. It says possess ye your souls. This is the first place we are called to take dominion.
Then we are to labor for the other souls as well. If we don’t have ongoing continuous victories, established by our journey in the Lord, we will have nothing left to give to others. We should not just be surviving. Barely getting by. This is not just physical things, it is emotional things as well. If we are building our own kingdom all day, we have nothing left to give our family and friends. We are spent. We will be temporal in all we do. No eternal equity built up. Nothing that would have true powerful influence in other’s lives.
That is what laboring in the flesh does. Laboring to build His kingdom brings hope, joy, peace, and strength. Light that points others to go to the source for themselves. Glory that points them to God. Sometimes without saying a word! Our life is preaching something all day whether we are aware of it or not.

Ask for the fire to come. Then don’t run when it does! Oh Lord, Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is heaven. We have a work on earth!!! Thank you Lord that You made a way for us to be chosen. We have to throw the worm off and walk as Jesus did.

Amen, with love Shyla




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