This picture is a good example! It made me think of the scripture in Matthew 15:11 “Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defiles a man.”
Jesus was being asked by the religious Pharisees, why His disciples didn’t wash their hands before they ate. And that is what He answered. We are in the world all day long. There are temptations everywhere. There are people that are totally vile, and there are also people and things, that “seem” not so bad as well and we have to discern all of that. We are sent into the world and have to do physical things, jobs activities, etc…… there is no way we can stay perfectly clean, and free from getting “dirty”. Jesus knew that. And He told us, it is how we process the things that goes into our body: by the ears, eyes, mouth, and even touching things. That is important. What do we do with what comes out of us?
If you look up how our digestive system works. It parallels with the spirit realm. That is why righteous judgment is important. It is taking in information, or things, and separating the good vitamins and nutrients, and then disposing the waste. Flush that stuff away!!!! Can you see why the sword of the spirit is important? Divide the God part from the not God stuff. The belt of truth is interestingly on our belt area, where our digestive track is. To walk in truth, we have to get rid of the junk in our own life first. Then, when we are functioning with people and going out into the world, we have to clean up from being around all of that.
Can you see why we have to have one on one with the Lord, for sure at the start of the day. Because we will be not ready to do all we need to do and process it correctly. David said he sought the Lord morning, noon, and night. I talk and process with God all day long. But seeking Him morning noon and night, I don’t think is just walking and talking to him all day. I think David reset in judgement and truth at least 3 times a day. Like a crying out from the forces of the devil that tried to pollute and kill his kingship etc…. like eating three times a day, and then using the bathroom. It is a process that is a parallel to the spiritual realm.
I have literally ran from dealing with people before. Because after being with them, I have fought like crazy to get free from the junk I dealt with after being with them. But then there are times I knew God led me to deal with the same people. He is laboring for their souls. And we are vessels. And sometimes when you have to labor in the spirit for them we get “messy”. To be a vessel of God is work, and giving up of ourselves to do so. A lot of churches teach “we love and give to everyone all the time”. But I absolutely don’t believe that. Yes I love the soul always! But I do not give, or do unless God says!!! I have missed when I was supposed to give many times. And I have gave or done, when I wasn’t called as well.
God pours out mercy on those He chooses to pour it out on. Jesus did not release His miracles on everyone, or feed them all the time either. This is where He is God, and we won’t always understand why or when He chooses certain ways. But it is all for the souls to cry out and come to Him!! This is what I know: A heart that cries out for Him, can catch His heart like nothing else can. Look at Rahab’s life. Her heart recognized God’s people and hid the Godly spies. And she was in the lineage of Jesus. She, I believe was already talking to God, and then had the opportunity to be used of Him, and was saved because her heart!


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