1 Samuel 30:1-31
David and his army, had faithfully lived and helped the people around him. But the leader of that place questioned his loyalty. He would not allow him to go to battle and sent him away. On his way, after that rejection, the Amalekites burned the city, and took all his, and his men’s wives and children and livestock. The men were so distressed and bitter, that they were going to stone David their king. They were all grieving. Verse 6 BUT DAVID ENCOURAGED HIMSELF IN THE LORD HIS GOD. Read the Hebrew definition #2388 Then he enquired of God. Do we pursue and overtake the troop and recover all that was taken? God said, Pursue: for thou shalt surely overtake them, and without fail recover all.
So when the world, and those around you, (think of the forces of the devil, and how he will try to kill, steal, and destroy, and uses whoever and whatever to do his work. Just like God wants to use us earthen vessels, satan does the same but opposite.)
David didn’t run away from his men to spare his own life. He stirred his spirit, soul, and body up in the Lord. He didn’t lay down in despair of the forces of darkness that were so heavy, he could physically feel it. (Depression is one example.) What did he do to stir himself up? We each have our own things that will stir up the spirit of the Lord in us, to overcome and seek, and believe the promises of God and walk in them. For each one of us it may look different. For me, I do all sorts of things at different times. Sometimes, I literally get on my face on the ground, hands up and cry out to God. Or, I kneel over, with my face to the ground, with my hands on His feet. I play worship music and sing and dance. I read the Bible silently and out loud. I shout out loud ,and declare who God is, and thank Him for all that He has done! I picture standing, or sitting face to face, with the lord and talking to him. When I was fighting my way out of depression or oppression, whatever you want to call it. Those things are the last thing you ever want to do!!!! Or, even if you are ticked off and angry like crazy. Whatever is exposed when things are horrible. That will cause you to not want to do anything close to seeking God or walking righteously.
But I have learned to force my body into submission. We have to chose to overcome! Because if we don’t, we will not pursue God, and take back what the devil stole!!!! We won’t walk in kingship that will bless many people. There is a battle for our souls everyday. Our soul can help set our hearts. Or it can lead it away from God’s purposes and a deep intimate relationship with Him. Our soul, is our emotions. It needs to be anchored in hope, truth, and in salvation. It needs submitted daily, all day!! We need to protect our soul and our children’s soul. Because it is a gate to the heart. That is why it is so important to guard what our kids watch and entertain themselves with and who they hang around with. It is important to train them in self control from early ages. Because it will help them in their walk with the Lord. My pastor says once you open your soul up to certain things, it is very difficult to not want more and more, and if it was bad, it is very difficult, if not sometimes impossible to get out of it. So we have to encourage our spirit, soul, and body to walk the straight and narrow. He sought God first. Then he had the zeal to pursue and overcome!!! Let’s keep going!


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