I believe God wants to restore the earth to how it was before the fall of man. I believe that is what the new Jerusalem coming down means. And the thousand year reign.
The devil was a worship leader in heaven. He decided he wanted to be worshiped himself. He saw his own beauty, and fell in love with that, instead of keeping his eyes on God. And then leading others to do the same.
So he got kicked out of the supernatural place God dwells. Then, he deceived God’s precious creation. His most prized work, that He fellow-shipped with face to face in the special place He created to do so on earth.
Adam had dominion over all of creation. He even got to name all the animals. Eve didn’t even have her own name until after the fall. There was no need for separate identities because of the precious unity.
I believe God won’t just rapture us out one day. I believe He wants to use Joel’s army to take back and restore the earth to its original condition and walk in the dominion that was lost before the fall.
What if we are pulled up into the supernatural realms, but left on earth. To point those still in captivity to the devil, to salvation and set the captives free. We were told to multiply and take dominion.
What if the wicked who repeatedly refuse to give up their way, and repent, are the ones raptured out? So the earth can be brought back to its original state. Proverbs 2:22
Would that not just infuriate the devil. He knows the earth is groaning to be restored by the sons of God arising. He knows when the deception is gone he is a reptile under our feet crushed. That is the only power he has is to deceive us and pervert truth.
Many false shepherds are doing just that. They preach without a standard of holiness because it is offensive. It is uncomfortable when our junk is exposed by truth and holiness. It causes stuff to happen. When the ox are in the stall there is poop to scoop. The straight and narrow is messy. To get free, and run to the cross there is a death to our will. Like everyday, all day!
When truth is preached, things manifest. Either we repent, or get angry and start attacking or leave the church or all sorts of stuff.

God gave us a free will to chose His kingdom and Him as the God above all Gods. Or satan and all the principalities and forces of darkness kingdom. We are building one or the other. There are only two.
If we are not bearing fruits of the spirit and functioning in the seven spirits of God found in Isaiah 11:2, there are places that we are deceived and in bondage. We are laboring in the wrong kingdom. Usually the fear of the Lord is missing. When our junk comes up that doesn’t look or reflect who God is, we need to run to the foot of the cross and say, oh God give me a pure heart so the work of my hands is clean. So my earth labor is eternal. What comes out in the tough situations? We are in boot camp!! Rejoice that we are exposed and He is dealing with us so we don’t get clobbered when we are in the battle. When the Israelites had sin in the camp they would be defeated.
Our free will that wants Him, and summits to the holy high call of the straight and narrow, is the only offering we have to give. It is what brings great delight and causes Him to move on our behalf. It causes Him to want to come down to the garden of Eden in our heart. He made a way through Jesus to fellowship in this earthen vessel.

To be in this end time army we have to take dominion of our own souls first. This is training in the army. If we can’t do that, how can we be trusted with the supernatural things He wants to pour out?
We are in a time right now where God is searching for His sheep. Ezekiel 34:11-30
He is recruiting the army. His eyes are roaming to and fro looking for who He can use. Then once you sign up there will be a boot camp and ongoing drills until we are called to battle. We will train our whole life to be ready for whenever and whatever we are called in our part to do.

Psalm 24:3 who shall ascend the hill of the Lord? Those with clean hands and a pure heart.
The sign up for Joel’s army is not meet you at the pole. It is at the foot of the cross. Daily, all dang day long!!!! Like forever. We are to work out our salvation and to go from glory to glory.
Those who don’t quit are the ones who will make it. That scripture is in Revelation. Not the ones who said a one day prayer and was good to go. And if I am wrong, I would rather live that and be wrong than the other. This is why He said there will be very few. I know the end is going to be good either way.
The very elect can be deceived it says as well. The devil will try to wear the saints out. So this sounds like work. It is. He said count the cost before you sign up. Don’t tease Me that you want in, and then you don’t stick it out. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. It hurts His heart.

This all sounds harsh and hard. But the other side is feeling His great love and forgiveness. Seeing His hand move. Knowing He wants all to be saved. That I feel peace and joy and patience. That I can look back on my life and shudder at how He pulled me out of the miry clay. How He did preserve me. I feel His great labor over me. I know His gentleness. I feel the safety of the Rock. I have felt His jealousy over me when the enemy was trying to kill, steal, and destroy. I am convinced of who He is. And it is a narrow, hard road to get clean, so I can hear, feel, and taste of Him. I know it is worth the cost!!! I have experienced Him enough, and gotten free of enough things that I want it for others!!! I won’t lie and say it is all butterfly and roses now either. You want to be a Navy seal for God? You will be in training and tested to see.
I want to pray for people and they be healed. I want people that have had severe violations and perversion done to them to feel clean and whole and happy. I want people free, to know God for them self. So if we have to ascend the hill and be afflicted to be in a position to be a part, I pray, God do whatever you have to to help me not disappoint You!!! Change me, Lord so I can bring great delight to Your soul.



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