Romans 8:37
OVERCOMERS will finish the race. We have to finish the race to get the prize! It is not how we start, but how we finish. We will fall, but repent, and get back up and keep going! Over and over and over! Overcome by the blood of the Lamb and our testimonies. That is plural and ongoing. That is, if we are convinced of who He is!

One time after a lengthy battle of fear, and procrastinating with what I felt the Lord told me to do, I finally did it. It was a old man, and I was supposed to go to his house and ask him if he was saved. He said, “oh yeah, back in like 1948 on such and such day I said the prayer.” I cut his hair every week, yes once a week, for a couple of years maybe. He never once talked about the Lord or God. After he told me he had said the salvation prayer 50-60 years ago, my first thought was, “but what did He say to you today?” there was no relationship with the Lord at all. He had what he thought was fire insurance. But he missed years and years and years of relationship and knowing and showing who God is. Did he make it to heaven, I have no idea, because we know the mercies of God are great and he may have cried out at the last minute, who knows. I’m not God, but I do know I don’t want to live 50 or 60 years with having said a one time prayer and then never thinking about it again. Or seeing God in the everyday happenings. Big and small.

We are in a race as to win the prize, the second we come into a covenant of salvation. The prize and great reward is knowing the Lord and His ways.
This should grow more and more with each breath we take. It is a now and actively moving forward thing. Faith is active or it is not faith. Faith and a salvation prayer is not for a one time thing. I will say this so I can get to Heaven someday thing. The in-between is everything!! The journey is the destination. The journey hand and hand with the Creator, is bringing heaven and His presence down on the earth.
Romans 8:29 says we are to molded into the image of His Son. The journey in Him, on the straight and narrow does this. We are to be vessels on this earth, to show a picture of God’s kingdom and ways. He wants to show His heart through earthen vessels.
He created Adam to take care of His creation. God made a special place to walk and talk with Him. When the earthen vessels were deceived, they lost dominion and fellowship. They were cast out of the holy special garden. Sin made the precious stewardship and free flowing fellowship a much harder thing. The creation now had death in it. Now, we have to die daily and overcome weeds, lust, laziness, and so many things!!

I don’t believe the rapture as taught by most churches. I believe God wants to restore the earth to its original state. What if the rapture is the people that rejected God? They may be raptured out, or swallowed in the pit like Korah was, along with all the fallen angels and principalities that were given dominion at the fall. God wants the earth to be back to how He created it to be. The original state.
All of creation is groaning for the sons of God to arise! My pastor said an example once. That apple tree is groaning that the worms are eating it’s fruit. It wasn’t supposed to be so!! The earth wants to be restored to it’s natural state!! It can’t do that until the Sons of God rise up and take back dominion. Why would God use us? He can just do it all in a second without us.
FELLOWSHIP! He wants to relate to us! If He didn’t make a way for us to come into His presence, through the cross, and His Son, we would be struck dead because of our sin. The laws the in the Old Testament couldn’t work either. The devil knows his time is short. His only power is deception.

So Romans 8:35 says who can separate us from the love of God? I believe it is listed as a warning and a commission. Suffering, affliction, tribulation, calamity, distress, persecution, hunger, destitution, peril, and sword. These are what we face, even after beginning the journey of salvation, we are in a fallen earth, and a evil adversary deceived us into giving up our position and dominion. He will use those things to wear the saints out, so that we will give up. He hates God and us. He wants to keep the Sons of God from arising and taking back dominion from him.

I believe salvation is a covenant and like a contract. On the earth, if one side of the contract is not upheld the other party is released from their end of the deal. I don’t believe once saved always saved. God is God and will release His mercy on who He chooses. Salvation is mercy. We can’t earn it. I believe and know, with fear and trembling, His great long suffering, patience, love, and His labor over us to give us the Spirit to be overcomers in this earth! It begins with being possessors of our own soul first. Take dominion over our emotions and keep our heart bowing and seeking the very face and hand of God in our everyday doings!! Dishes, laundry, work, our relationships to our spouses, etc. It all counts. It can move the very heart of God on our behalf!!!
I don’t live in fear of, oh I messed up now I am not saved. Yuck!! That is law!!!!
We need to ask for the fear of the Lord to be released in us and the people who are not in a covenant with the Lord. Fear of the Lord is, I don’t want to get off of this straight and narrow. Because that means I hurt You, and I took in vain Your name and what You did on the cross. I don’t want sin to take me away from hearing and seeing and my confidence being in You!! I want Your presence on this earth today!
Oh this is so limited. But God made a place and way for us to know Him. In that place of relationship with the Lord, we will worship Him because He is worthy! He is good! He is love that passes all understanding. Let our spirit, soul, and body worship Him all day long!! Our everyday doings with a heart set on Him will bring the kingdom of God down to the earth. How our heart is at the grocery store, at home where no one but family sees. This is where it counts. There is great joy in this laborious journey!! If joy, peace, and love for others to come into this race themselves are not growing and active. Something is not right!!! We should be able to look back to 1948 and say that was one grain of sand, and one star. But today I am a father to many sands and many stars!!!!!!!!
The cross, is the first sand and star. But Jesus never meant for one only. We are to be abundant in Him!!!
Ready, set, GO!!



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