Judgement. Divine completeness. Cycle of growth. Movement of God. Patience.

Oh boy, I am in a place right now where I need the judgment of God to burn up bitterness. It has caused me to not bear fruit. It can make you physically ill, it can cause your children to rebel, it can cause people’s hearts to close up when around you. It can change the atmosphere from happy to sad. It can make us not receive from God. Because it can pollute His gifting He wants us to function in. So He doesn’t place His treasures into that kind of vessel.
Also bitterness is like a magnet to draw in not good things. It attracts the not God stuff!! We want that gone!!! So we can be drawn by God deeper and deeper everyday to Him and His ways. The devil wants you to stay bitter, then he has a force that he uses to draw you away from God.

In Genesis 18:14. Sarah laughed when the Lord said she would have a baby. When she was called out about laughing, she was afraid and said I didn’t laugh. I believe He spoke a word that touched on the bitterness that was there. It exposed her, and began a process to get free so she could bear fruit. Her unbelief from bitterness was exposed, then the fear of the Lord came, although she lied to cover it. But I believe even though all the human part was there. She kept on in the process and was able to be found a vessel God could use.
Genesis 19 says, for I know Him, That he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgment; that the Lord may bring upon Abraham that which He has spoken of him. Oh this verse is key. Will we do this with what God gives us. Will we keep the standard lifted high? Will we keep on the straight and narrow whatever the cost? Will we endure afflictions like Jesus? Will we not stop in the race? Will we run as to win!

We had a spirit manifestation in our house. We actually had a couple in my storefront as well. My past church teachings would be to do immediate warfare and all sorts of stuff to get them out. Also, in the past I would have been shook of fear and trembling and called in the troops. I am not saying to never do that!!! All these times I asked my husband do we need to do this or that etc… he said no. Just worship the Lord. Those spirits can’t stand God to be worshiped. They can’t be around that. They run!!!
I asked God about something that has not been fulfilled in my life. I have done everything physically I felt to do. I have repented, I have sought I have waited. It has been years. I finally got on my face and was asking, God how do you stay in hope but let go at the same time???? I believe He will teach me this. I believe He wants to show me how. But He gave a nugget to start with. I believe this is the heart of what I heard. A lot more wordy and paraphrased.
‘We are to walk and talk and act no different than as if it has happened already’. Our responses and our joy should be the same today as it would be if it was fulfilled already. Abraham walked in faith like he already received. He was on the other side of the cross and would not ever see in the physical what he believed in the spiritual. We have the other side of the cross today!! The way was made, walk therein.

I asked God about a big decision one time, I took time and prayed for the answer. At that time, I believe there was no right or wrong to the decision. It was a choice He let me choose. I believe He answered me with “you will be blessed either way”.
Can we walk this out? Will we walk as a vessel of promise that God can use on earth. Even with our broken lives and bad choices. Will we stay in the gut wrenching process of bitterness being exposed and removed?? Most people run the second bitterness is exposed. We want to hide like Adam and Eve did. How many times have I laughed or denied where I was at? PRIDE is a big ugly root most times. It is a leaf we cover ourselves with. You know what God covered them with?? He had to kill his precious animal creation to make them clothes. Death was never supposed to come to anything He made. Oh how we can grieve the heart of our Creator. Then later, He had to sacrifice his Son.
Oh Lord I don’t want your name to be in vain. Help us to remove the bitterness, so we can be fully given over to you. So you can bring a picture of your great love on this earth today!!!
We need judgment. We need the sword, to divide and loosen the chains that hold us and our loved ones from knowing the goodness of God.

This is not for the faint of heart. Humbleness is required. Become nothing is not what the world will tell you. Find yourself and be all you can be is a great lie. Lose yourself at the cross, and find out who Jesus really is. This is where we will be able to carry the long promised baby and fruit of the kingdom!!

With hope, love, and strength to conceive. Shyla



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