Matthew 4:21-22
Jesus saw two brothers, James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother, in a ship with their father, mending their nets, and He called them. And they immediately LEFT the ship and their father, and followed Him.
Left is a key word. There are many things, people, and situations this can pertain to. Sometimes it is cutting ties with people or things forever. But sometimes, it is changing how we relate in the situations or relationships while still dealing and relating to them.

I had a relationship with a family member I had to totally cut off for years one time. I wasn’t strong enough to do and change what I needed to without doing it that way. How I was relating was causing me to sin and not grow in the Lord.
If I had to change how I was relating to them now, I would not have had to be that extreme. I could speak truth and be who I was supposed to be. I would not be controlled and beat up after dealing with them. But I just wasn’t strong enough then. I did go back into relationship with them. But a lot of time was lost and it was never what it could have been. The other person thought how it was, was fine. And wanted to blame other people and things for causing me to change.

When those brothers jumped ship, they left their father’s generational path. They were called out. What if there was no one else to help the dad? What if he was old? So many things could have kept them from walking their path with the Lord.
Have you been called to another church, but your family has went to the present one, and are leaders or founders? Are they expecting you to carry on? You will miss out, and maybe even be in disobedience if you stay for their call, and not yours.
It is not a easy thing to change big things and relationships. If it is God, and people feel like they own you, or have made unhealthy soul ties, and you step out of the boat in any way, things will manifest!!!!! That’s a good sign, not bad. You will have to dig deep into the Lord and His ways to be strong enough to walk this straight and narrow high call.
Oh it is worth the cost. Unless you never do it. You will never know the fruit from it.

Time to jump out of the boat like Peter. Keep your eyes on the prize so we don’t sink. But if you start sinking as the winds start to blow, as you break away from things that need to change, hold tight His hand and allow Him to pull you up and keep going!!!!!!!!



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