In my opinion and own experience, fasting is a key and a tool to help us on our journey on this earth and in our walk with the Lord. So much could be said and scriptures I could share. But this is just some thoughts I will share. First, I would look up science articles on how it is good for your body and what happens when you fast for certain periods. If you are led to fast. Don’t seek man’s opinion for how you should do it, will it be a total water fast or what, and how long it should be. Ask the Lord. 

My latest thoughts on this topic:

Your body is thanking you for giving it a break from processed food.
This can help it to join in, and focus on the labor to set our soul free!
Your soul is thanking you for cutting off the flesh so your spirit can soar.

When Jesus was questioned by the religious on why His disciples didn’t fast, He said because the Bridegroom is with them, and there will be a time when I am not, and then they will fast. Where there is sin, Jesus can’t dwell in that place. So if you need Jesus in an area, and that place in your heart gets exposed, use this tool and key to get free so He can come and be increased in your life!

I was praying the other day and said “Lord, I know if I went to a Dr. years ago they would have put me on depression pills.” But I worked through it in the Lord. It took a lot of gut wrench processing and I am totally set free from that for years now. I just said to the Lord, “God, if I went to the Dr. and described some things that I am just pouring my heart out to You over, they would put me on OCD or attention deficit medication. Can You please help me.” Well for me, this is my prescription. You may not need fasting for the same areas of help that I do, but if you are stuck in an area, any area! Ask your Daddy if this could help, and how to do it and what that looks like for your journey.

I am not saying anything against anyone that is taking medication for these things or others. My husband says it is a bridge to help people until they can get to the root of the problem and pull it out. I will boldly say, and at the risk of highly offending, I KNOW IT IS POSSIBLE TO BE TOTALLY FREE from needing those medications. This is meant to give hope, not condemnation. But that is a highly personal journey in the Lord for each of us. If you want to pm me for more info and encouragement feel free.

With much love, Shyla.


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