Joshua 3:5
SANCTIFY yourselves for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you. If we want to see wonders among us, we have to be sanctified. Joshua was to lead the children of Israel to begin to conquer the land, take possession, and have dominion again. Old covenant was physical land taken back from wicked people and even giants!!!! New covenant, is having dominion over our mind, will, and emotions to overcome the pressures and the influences of this fallen world, and the demonic forces that were released at the fall of man. And to overcome the patterns of our own generations that didn’t overcome in their own life. It will try to pass down on us.
We are to be a prosperous people, which means wisdom in Hebrew. We are to be a joyous, light filled people that have peace that surpasses understanding. We are not supposed to struggle the rest of our lives with addictions, bitterness, etc. We are to be a people that is easily recognized as different.
Most of the churches today, and many Christians, look like the world. They can do, watch, and wear anything. I am going to offend some here, but when the church condones Harry Potter it is very alarming. It is clearly witchcraft and sorcery. If we want our kids to walk in the supernatural and in signs and wonders, that will pollute the vessel God wants to use in the end time church!! They will be overcome and not overcomers!
Read Joshua 7:1-26 Achan’s sin. And see the consequences of that.
They had to cross the Jordan River with millions of people, tents, children, etc. The priests were to lead. God said, when you come to the brink of the water STAND STILL in Jordan. Verse 13. And it shall come to pass, as soon as the soles of the feet of the priest that bear the ark of the Lord, the Lord of all the earth, shall rest in the waters of Jordan, that the waters of Jordan shall be cut off from above;
So the people could walk across dry land. Then they were to grab rocks from river bed and make a monument. This was a sign to all who looked at it when the river went back, of the miracle God did because of the sanctified people. We should have “rocks” in our life that our children and those around us can recognize a work that glorifies God. We are to be kings and priests unto God in the new covenant. We are developed into this. So we can help make a way for others to come in. We lead as we follow the Lord. Then those that are new in Christ, will be grown into that position as well.
Joshua is loaded with so much and I only got through chapter 3. If we want to be a vessel in the end time harvest, we have to raise the standard of holiness. To do that we have to stand still at the brink of the water and ask the Lord to raise the standard of holiness. The devil and the world will keep it low, so you are weak and don’t take back dominion.
I was on survival mode, until just a few years ago. I was just trying to make it myself. I had nothing left to give anyone else. Even my own kids, husband, etc ….. that is not prosperous. That is not a wise woman building her house. By the grace of God’s labor over me, I kept going through the cleansing process. There was generational forces that I was dealing with I could not overcome. Seasons of fasting was the key for me to break through. And the only thing I could offer was to not stop the journey. Don’t quit! Don’t quit, don’t quit. I implore you it is worth it. And the Lord will become so precious to you. Then you will have enough overflowing in your life that you can lift your eyes and see the fields are ripe for harvest!!!!!!! I want others to come in!!!! Let the Bride arise!!!!!!


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