Hebrews 12:13-
We need all parts of our heart healed, or it could cause us to turn off the path!! Wow, in Revelation, it says He wants, and is coming for a Bride (the church) without spot, wrinkle, or blemish. Spot is sin, wrinkle is government or discipline, and blemish is unhealed heart. He made all provision, and a way to be set free, in all these areas. We have no excuse. I have wanted to wiggle out of some of these parts that come up. They are not easy. Many times I have begged God to supernaturally deliver me and heal me. I won’t say He doesn’t do that at times. But for me, I have gained more strength and trust overcoming and submitting every day.
Sometimes I just keep going and don’t stop in the process (by the grace of God laboring over me) then all of the sudden it may have been years, or a great length of time, but all the sudden I realize that thing is gone!!!!!!!!!! God will expose what needs to be taken care of so we can make it until the end. Learn to embrace and thank Him. He won’t do it until He knows you are ready and can do it. I used to try to hide my sin. That is shrinking back!!! It brings no pleasure to God. Hebrew 10:38. Then I would try to fix it with law. I will do this and this. Or I won’t do this and this etc. Instead of crying out to God and dealing with the “junk”.
Keep on the path. Let’s do this thing!!!!!!


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