Zechariah 7:9
Execute true judgement and show mercy and compassion every man to his brother.
Read the Judgement definition number 4941 in the picture.

We say and hear don’t judge. I can understand what people are meaning. But actually we are called to judge. It is a sword that slices through what is God and what is not. So that we can walk righteously. Part of it is decision making.
One way we do this wrong is by releasing unrighteous judgement on people. We decide what we think is right or wrong, and then we release all those thoughts feelings and opinions unto the person or situation. Until they line up or bow down to “our” ways. Without saying a word we can send out judgement. Most of the time we say something, too. The RELIGIOUS spirit is the worst!! But in this verse, it shows the heart of what God wants it to be. Show mercy and compassion. So the people can be in the brother hood of the kingdom! That doesn’t mean to let the standard down, so everyone can easily swallow the truth or get along. When we teach our children to not run in the street by spanking them, it is to save them from harm. If they would learn and obey by just us telling them, we would never have to spank them.

God only releases the amount of judgement necessary to save the soul!!!!!!!!!! He is a loving and patient God. But He set things up from the beginning that he will not change. He knows if we sin, the wrath of that sin is on us. If we cry out to Him, He will hear us and make a way to get out of that. We have to ask for judgement in our own life first. Then be a vessel of that standard every where we go. Watch for the signs of danger road out ahead. We can do that by reading the word of God and praying to learn how to hear Him and then obey His leading. When you hear or see someone that is totally making wrong decisions or saying something opposing God’s ways, stop and pray to see what God says. If your first reaction is to set them right and use scriptures or things to show them, it’s probably unrighteous judgment trying to school them!!

Our heart should hurt for them, and the fear of the Lord come on us. Judgement is such a huge thing. I would encourage you to study it and let God show you how to walk this out. This is just a pretzel to make make you thirsty to know more!! Have a blessed day!!!!


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