John 4:34

My meat is to do the will of Him that sent me, and to finish His work. Word finish is the key word. # 5048 & 5046. We are supposed to do what He did, because that is why He came to earth as a man. To make a way for us to FINISH the work. Made perfect kept standing out to me. If we are in a salvation covenant. We have to fulfill our end of that contract to keep it valid. ( that is a whole other study, one I may never share on. Claws can come out and I am not trying to argue once saved always saved and doctrines).

When we get saved, we are starting a journey to work out the salvation of our souls until He comes back to earth, or we go out of earth. It will be a cleansing process until that day. If we don’t shrink back and keep moving forward in that. Grace covers the part that isn’t set free or cleansed yet. That is how we can be made perfect. Choosing to not keep going and be cleansed and covered, we will get clobbered in the spirit. And our power to be used as a vessel is weak or accomplishes nothing in the eternal. When I get clobbered or am not prosperous in an area, I try to stop and check the paths I am going on, and seek to be shown my sin and repent. The whole point of this is for me to ask you this: “ What do you believe God can do through you, if you had everything you needed and was perfect? Could we believe we could pray for someone and they be brought back to life? Or that someone could be healed of a disease?”

This is God’s will, and He made a way to use us in the end time church for signs and wonders. Just things I am seeing in myself, and I have been asking for my believing and faith to be increased. If we look up to Him and His Kingdom. It doesn’t matter if it’s not time in the physical realm for harvest. He says the harvest is ready!!!!!!!!!!!!! (verse 35)


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