2 Corinthians 6:2
Today is the day of salvation.

My husband was just talking to me about this. He did some word study, and it means today we should be actively found in salvation. It isn’t just a one time entering into being saved, it is ongoing. Be found in salvation today!

If He came to us, would we be found bearing fruit? He was so disappointed when He wanted a fig, and came to a fig tree and it didn’t have any on it. He then cursed that tree. His disciples noticed it later, and it had withered and died. That tree was supposed to bear fruit in all seasons if I remember right?

Salvation is a birth. What a tragedy if a baby didn’t grow up. What a sad thing to miss all the stages of seeing it grow into maturity. How our heart would grieve as a parent. That is how it is for God. He wants, and fully expects to enjoy watching us and being in fellowship of this precious process.


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