Proverbs 9:1-18
Wisdom and the foolish woman.
Verse 1 says wisdom builds her house, she hath hewn out her seven pillars. Hewing out something in stone is not easy work. You need a vision for what we will carve first. Then we need tools to do it. Instruction is needed as well. Isaiah 11:2 talks about the 7 eyes or spirits of God. You won’t hear that taught much. We have been taught that we need the fruits of the spirit though. And that is true. But to have fruit, you have to have the 7 eyes. So, to me, we are wise, and building something if we are asking for Gods eyes and spirit. It is a labor to hew, but it will produce fruit. That is how we know those who love the Lord.
To stay in this process is not easy. We have to submit our whole being to this work every day. Sometimes multiple times if we see we are waning. We have to stir ourselves up like David did. We have to not go by what we feel like doing. We have to say, God I need Your hope, I need Your joy, I want Your presence more than I have ever have. And I am going to get going in the physical things whether I feel like it or not! If you just cause your soul and body to stay in this process, fruit will come! Darkness will not overcome you. Move one foot in front of the other, until hope breaks through, and joy is in the journey.
Verse 2 talks about her mingling her wine. Wine can represent Jesus’ blood, but it also means revelation. So she took the supernatural relationship and ways of God, and mixed it with her physical everyday life actions. This is a wise woman building her house, and looking well to the ways of those in it’s covering. Lately I have put out there to the public overcoming depression and strongholds in my life, and I have had that thing come knocking at my door to see if it can kill, steal, and destroy again. I was telling my husband about that and He said you have been saying that a lot lately. I felt like I knew what was happening, and didn’t let it overcome me, although it did slow me down. I knew what to do, and was doing it. And was just waiting for that thing to give up and go away because I wasn’t going to lay down and let it take me over again. But my husband said it is another layer opened up to deal with to go deeper in the Lord now. That means another level of HEWING!!! Not just maintaining where I had been brought to all these years.
This is the journey in the Lord. He will help you overcome and be set free. When He knows you are ready, He will give you opportunities to go deeper in Him and even more freedom and increase where you didn’t even know was possible!! So here we go!!! Don’t maintain or just survive!!! Let the pruning begin, so we can be even more fruitful and have much to spare and share with others!!!!! Don’t stop this process. You will have beautiful pillars in the end. Expand the tent stakes, drive them deeper into the Lord. So when the wind blows your covering will stand.


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