2 kings 1:1-18
There was a ungodly king who was wounded. He sent men to go to wicked prophets to inquire if he would recover. Elijah was told by angel of the lord to meet the men and tell them, “Is there not a God in Israel that you could ask, instead of a pagan prophet? “ So they went back to tell their king, and the king sent 50 men to Elijah to tell him to come to the king. He pretty much said, “ If I be a man of God, fire will come down.” It did, and killed them all. So again, 50 was sent, and the same thing happened. So, the next time the leader of the fifty, approached Elijah, and fell on his knees before him, and besought him, and said to him, “oh man of God, I pray thee, let my life, and the life of these 50 thy servants, be precious in thy sight.” So Elijah went to the king and the king died.
Okay, so cross reference to Luke 9:51-56. The title of this chapter is A Samaritan village refuses to receive Jesus. Samaritans hated the Jews because they were half breeds and not the “chosen” ones and there was a fight for who was right. Jesus had set His heart to go to Jerusalem. (Where God was leading) Jesus had sent messengers before Him to prepare them, for Him coming to them. They wouldn’t receive the message of who He was because of the battle for who was right. Study the back ground of Jews and Samaritan’s and you can understand what was going on here better. But they saw His face was set to go where He was going…to the Jews in Jerusalem.
Spiritual parallel here. He would not let the standard down and be swayed off the path. But here is the deal. He sent messengers to prepare the hearts of the people before He came to that place. In the new covenant, it is the Holy Spirit. He offered them salvation!!!!!!!!!!! They could have been a part of the son of God manifest on earth. But they wanted their rights and their way. No room for anyone else. If we can control you, we will accept you. Condone us. So the disciples saw them rejecting what He was offering, and said, “Lord , will thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elijah did? But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, you know not what manner of spirit you are of. For the son of man is not come to destroy a men’s lives, but to save them.” I should have emboldened all of Jesus words’. This is the heart of God, always, always, and always! He only releases the amount of judgement necessary to bring the soul to salvation. They did not want it in the form it came in, so He left them to their ways and stayed on His path.
Oh let us put ourselves in the Samaritan’s place. Has God tried to offer us to be a part of what He is doing? Have we not recognized it was Him because of our traditions and religion? And we didn’t want to go to the place he was going, and to the “bad “people he was sending us to. He was on a path to the cross. He wants to heal and save and bring freedom, all along the way. I have learned to hear God’s voice through a lot of different people and physical things. Sometimes not right away, but it will quicken back to me. Just because someone is in a lifestyle that is not holy doesn’t mean I let the standard down to be in fellowship with them, or approve of their choices. They need to see us not change the standard of holiness. Not just be nice and get along, but they can feel when our heart wants them to be free and have hope and light pour out of us, not line up to our religion and laws.
I don’t give them a 3 step program of salvation. I just set my heart in the standard, and release joy, and light. Let God do the rest. Be a vessel. If they want more, let them ask. It is all about the heart!!! Elijah didn’t release fire when that servant fell down in worship and said let me and these men live. We will serve you and not our wicked king!! That is the heart of judgement. To save and put the God above all Gods as their Shepherd. Oh Lord, help us to fall at your feet every day, all day, in our heart. To ask to serve you and to ask for the people around us to be saved. And God send the Elijah’s when I need to be strongly warned. Help me not to seek the gods of this world for answers. I am Yours Lord, have Your way.


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