Daniel 12:10
many shall be purified, and made white, and tried…
We were never promised that we wouldn’t go through things. But we can be purified like gold. They used to heat gold in the fire, then the dross would come to the top and that impurity would be scooped off. The process would repeat 7 times. Each time, the gold would become more valuable.
When we are in situations that the dross is exposed, and rises to the top, we have a choice to scrape it off, and say continue the cleansing and purifying process oh Lord! Or, many times we step out of the fire and the dross sinks back in. My husband has said before, “I am glad when I am exposed, because then I can get rid of the junk and be better. “ I wasn’t quite there yet. I wanted to scoop my poop under the rug like a cat and deal with it later. Hide my junk. Yeah right! Even the people, not in the journey in the Lord, can see right through that!! Well, I can’t say I yell,” turn up the heat! “Or, that I don’t try to hide sometimes still, but I have embraced the fire enough, and seen the preciousness of the Lord, and tasted and seen that He is good. I am getting to where my husband is, who was way ahead. I know all I have been talking about lately has been cleansing and crying out for repentance and change. Well, I had recently been exposed…by multiple people at the same time. Even one I would call a stubborn old donkey.
Well, I remember a story about a prophet who was getting paid to use God’s gifting for evil. God used a donkey to speak to him! Well, I want to be used of God in this end time harvest. And to the level of cleansing is the level He can use and trust us. He is watching our responses in big and little everyday things. If our giftings, which are enablements to do Gods will on earth, aren’t totally given over to the lord, the devil will pollute and misuse them. So this is the cleansing process!! If you make a covenant in God, He has rights to bring the fire. But we can remove ourself from the fire anytime.
Let’s keep going!!!!


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