God’s heart is that all souls would be His, and know Him, and His ways.

satan will deceive and do all sorts of things to keep that from happening. If satan can get us to sin, it puts spiritual chains around us and causes us to not hear, see, or even cry out to God.

Do you know family or friends, or even just people in general who are in an unseen prison? Read Zechariah.

I ask God to release His jealousy to draw back the souls. To cut the chains so he can dwell in Jerusalem, which represents His heart and the church, which is us as individuals and the church body. My husband was saying last night, “ If we raise the standard of holiness in our own life, and keep it as precious, there will be a protection over us as we warfare for the souls to be set free.”

When we start taking back ground from satan, things can get messy and uncomfortable. Let it be confirmation we are on the right track. Just because things in your life get messy or stuff keeps going wrong, doesn’t always mean you are doing the right thing. Yes, the enemy can be in the midst, but a lot of the time it’s God letting that take place so you change and give all of you to Him, or you are reaping something that you have sowed.

Don’t grow weary. If we don’t press into becoming more cleansed in our walk with God we won’t be covered. As we do this, our power in the spirit will increase.


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