When my husband and I got married, Deuteronomy 28 was read to us. It was a call or commission, but it is a choice that we have to walk out everyday. This is for the church or the bride today as well.

BLESSINGS or CURSES. These are the two kingdoms. We are a tree that bears fruit. When the curses are overwhelming me, I need to stop in my tracks and cry out to HEAR God. What is the open door that is causing me to bear fruit of the wrong kingdom? Don’t stop laboring… however long it takes, until you hear and see. Let it be as an emergency. Repent, change, and then praise the Lord. His goodness made a way for us to be blessed again!!!!

A footnote in my bible says, Jesus quoted exclusively from Deuteronomy when he was being tempted by Satan in the wilderness. Wow!! Go back and read chapter 6 as well. It says we can be overwhelmed with blessings, too. Let’s keep diligently listening for His voice. It was the first thing we are told to do to receive His blessings. Not asking for blessings! It says listen to My voice. His voice is in all creation as well. We have to be quiet to hear. I am not a quiet person by nature at all. That can cause not only myself not to hear God, but it will prevent others as well. Beauty catches attention. I want to catch the heart of God, that He would turn to see me. A quiet and meek spirit is what the word says God thinks is beautiful. Being quiet is not, not talking. Although that is a start.

I was instructing at a cosmetology school one day, and I literally was just standing by a student while we waited the last few minutes until we left for the day. She looked up at me and said, “you are making me a nervous wreak”. I was in a really tough time and my junk was manifesting BIG time! When those seasons happen, we can “try” to cover it up, run the other way from the cleansing process, or cry out to God to help us choose to stop fellow-shipping with the sin. Getting quiet is submitting our spirit, soul, and body to the Lord, and removing the idols and the unclean things from our life. He is patient and willing to labor to help you do this. Just start with what He shows you. It may be the smallest thing. We are the ones to set up all kinds of huge laws and regulations so we can feel righteous. And we usually fail, and then condemnation floods in. Or sometimes other people put their rules and standards on us. Or we do it to others!!

Just do what He says. He knows we are but dust. And He knows what this walk on earth is like. That is why He came, and then stands by the Father to intercede for us to make it every day!

Let us rise up and seek the Lord while He can be found.                                                 With love, Shyla


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