Isaiah 54

There is a lot that leads up to this passage. Go back to at least to chapter 49. But, Isaiah 54:1-10 is what I focused on today.

Are you desolate, or not prosperous or bearing fruit in any area of your life?
God says you will sing! He uses a woman that is barren for an example. Barrenness should cause us to cry out for those spaces to be filled and fruitful. The people that want God will have more children than those that don’t. Because that kind of heart longs and seeks to be filled. We know we need Him! It causes us to wait on Him, repent, hope, and believe.

God says enlarge the place of thy tent (Heart). To prepare for more space you have to believe the space will be needed. He says spare not. (Don’t hold back! Don’t be scared. Don’t shrink. Move forward in faith!) Strengthen your stakes. Drive deep your vows into Him! To drive a stake deep into the hard ground will cause the tent and your covering to not fly away when the winds blow. And that is what will happen when you make vows and start to do this process. The devil doesn’t want you to bear fruit and prosper because it will increase God’s kingdom and the devil loses ground.

Also, make your vows in your heart, not your soul. We can set our soul in bitterness and our own strength. The soul can move your heart. But the covenant in your heart is God’s work. And that cannot be shaken. Study and cry out to God for Him to teach you what this looks like for your life. 

With love, Shyla.


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