I went to a meeting awhile back and we were deciding on entertainment for a town festival. Someone brought up bringing a medium in.  So, as I sat and listened, I was like oh my, I have to say something. I was letting everyone say their opinions. Someone looked at me that knew I would be against it, in a way like, are you going to say something. So I did. It came out religious and nervous and not at all how I would have wanted to say it. It was weak and open ended. And I have been letting my response beat me up. I will have the opportunity again, because it will be brought to a vote. I will not state scriptures. I will just say it is witchcraft and sorcery and if we have this, it will bring a curse on the thing we are doing, and maybe the whole town. I won’t make a big deal at that meeting, but I will have to step down from helping.

Because of what I know, and what I have been delivered from, this is not fun and games. It is serious. Those people are using the spirit realm for the devil and not God. It is a open door for bondage and all sorts of things to take hold in our soul and keep our hearts from knowing and being in fellowship with the Lord. What is so sad, is many, or most Christians still are fine with all this stuff. After prom parties have had hypnosis as entertainment for years. Harry Potter is fine and encouraged etc…….

I won’t go into all of it now. But if you want to know more google the scriptures and study for yourselves. Here is just a very few.
Leviticus 20:6
1 Samuel 15:23
Galatians 5:19-21
Deuteronomy 18:9-12
Isaiah 8:19
1 Chronicles 10:13-14
Isaiah 47:8-14
My heart should grieve and cry out over this is where we are at. Not that I pitifully and weakly said my opinion, went against, or offended someone. I had to repent and shake it off. At first I was more bothered by that, than oh God, your people don’t know what your heart is!!!!


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