Proverbs 2:19 None that go unto her return again, neither TAKE they HOLD of the paths of life.
That was talking about the wicked, but what caught me was they didn’t take hold of the paths of life.

First, we have to ask to see the paths. Then we wait on the Lord, until they are shown. We then recognize it as the path of life. and grab it. Then we are to go do something with it.
Some of the disciples did this. What they did after they talked to Jesus was went and told others. They said, “come see, we have found the messiah”. They found Him, because they were looking and asking for Him. When He showed up, they acknowledged and identified that it was God. The path of life. The straight and narrow. Then, they were called. By their actions of faith, they were chosen. Many are called, but few are chosen. Faith without action is dead. You can be called but not chosen. He is counting what we do with what He gives us. Look up what happen with the talents. The one that did nothing was considered wicked and thrown into hell. He didn’t hold God’s things as precious.

2 Kings 4:8 that Elisha passed to Shumen, where was a great woman; and she constrained him to eat bread. Constrained him meant LAID HOLD. She was a woman of great position and wealth. She needed nothing in the physical. But she recognized this to be a man of God. She emplored him to stay at her house when he passed by. She asked her husband to make an upper room for him to stay. She had a desire and knew about God. She knew and identified, this is a vessel of God when he passed by.
Do you not hear, or see God? He comes through many ways, and things to speak and show us who He is, and His will on earth. The first thing He ever showed or spoke of is through His creation. It is proven scientifically that being in nature changes our bodies for the good.
Then God came down into the earth in a special garden to fellowship with His most prized work Adam and Eve. Adam was honoring, and in Gods will, by taking care of and stewarding God’s creation. God’s presence was talking through that, even when He wasn’t there.
Next, Adam had to draw near when he came to God in the garden. He realizes it’s time and went to Him.

1 Honor God’s creation.
2 Read the Bible.
3 Make a special time and place to draw near.
4 Look for Him everywhere you are.
5 Then lay hold, constrain.
6 Put that waiting on the Lord, and faith, that He is God, above all other Gods, into action.

The little everyday things are all a part of the big, one time thing, of salvation.
Bring God’s will down to earth as it is in heaven. That is what Jesus did. He had to do everyday things just like us. The fruit coming out of us, is the gospel. Not a one time prayer. It is not saying a. b. c. repeat after me. Come to church.
We are the living epistles that God wrote with His own hand, on our hearts. We are the church building. What is our billboard saying?? What are our programs? I promise you. We are preaching all day long, without saying a word.
Then go with your whole spirit, soul, and body. Shout it from the roof tops, “Come see, I have found the Messiah!”
Our lives, full of joy, hope, meekness, & love, is the COME see part. They have to draw near for themselves and chose this is the day of salvation. That is our call and purpose.

Salvation is the start, but it is how we finish that counts. Work out your salvation with fear and trembling. From glory to glory. This is the straight and narrow. There is great joy in the journey. Amazing enjoyable fruit of this labor. To know Him, and make Him known.
If you have never tasted this fruit, and looked back and seen growth, we have missed something. Go back and check the paths to see. Jeremiah 6:16.
Draw near and respond. Decide and execute. Count the cost… it isn’t easy but it is worth it!!!
With love, let’s go!




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