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Mark 5:21- This is when many people gathered by the sea to see Jesus.
I have heard that the sea represents people.
A ruler of the synagogue, Jarius, came to see Jesus and when he saw Him he fell at his feet and besought him for his little daughter was at the point of death, and asked Him to lay hands on her that she would be healed and live.
His daughter represents his heart, his soul. She was dying and he knew she was. He left his position of the law to find God. He probably had heard stories of what Jesus had been doing. His daughter brought him down to his knees to a desperate place and he maybe sacrificed his job doing what he did, I don’t know. He knew the law wouldn’t work, and submitted to the Spirit of the Lord. He spoke out of his heart to Jesus because he knew the kingdom of God was at hand.
We need to walk with that heart daily. Yes, we are a physical person. We have physical jobs, but we can’t come out of the place of worshiping the Lord, and meditating on Him, and submitting the best part of our day to Him. Submitting our flesh and getting up early and spending time in the presence of the Lord. Seeking, changing, repenting, submitting, committing, listening, and being still and quiet. Morning first thing is a really good time to hear Him.
He said I pray Thee. God’s Kingdom. He acknowledged where the life was, in Jesus. Not in the law where he was living. And Jesus connected with the faith of this man. And God followed this man back to his house where He was needed. Our heart can touch the heart of God.
Then we read the woman that had the issue of blood. She had spent all she had to get better but only got worse. She spent all her soul, body, and money and was broken down to nothing and the world could not help her. There were lots of laws to do with the blood in the old testament so she had probably been through a lot in dealing with all that, too. She was probably very lonely through all of this. She had suffered this for 12 years. I think of the bride of Christ in the middle of this passage. We are to be set free as His bride.
When the woman heard of Jesus she went in the middle of the crowd, fought through the people and grabbed the hem of His garment by faith. Risked all she had. She maybe wasn’t even supposed to be out in public. She didn’t care. By faith she ran to Him. She didn’t care if He even saw her, or recognized who she was. She just wanted to be free. Look what a heart like that does! She knew she would be whole. Right away the fountain of her blood dried up. The plague was healed. We are supposed to have a fountain of the Spirit of God flowing in us and that’s what happened. And Jesus turned immediately and wanted to know who touched Him!
Do we always recognize the Kingdom of God?
It is always an emergency to be set free in the Kingdom of God. When we are in debt in the physical, it should be an emergency to get out of it. Same in the spiritual.
How would Jesus know someone different touched Him? A hungry heart touched Him and He could feel it. Do we see hungry hearts around us? Do we ourselves have a hungry heart??? That’s the most important because that is what moves God! So she came and fell down before Him and declared all that had happened.
We were created to declare the glory of God. We are declaring something all the time even if we don’t realize it. It might not always be the Spirit of God though. You put off an atmosphere everywhere you go. Are we putting off the hope of God? Truth? Life? Or the opposite….?
By her faith she was made whole. What do we do with the measure of faith we have been given? That is how we grow and increase.
Back to Jarius. A man came and told him his daughter was dead and asked him why he was doing what he was doing. That’s what the devil does. You start to seek God and become free and others come to destroy you on your journey. Happens all the time. Jesus told him not to worry, only believe. He offered life and the supernatural. He had a choice of life or death. We have that choice everyday. And death will try to take us out everyday if we let it. Worship God, read the Word, and pray to get out of it. Trust and keep walking. Only those that believe come in.
Jesus went to the house where the girl was. He said the girl was just sleeping, why are you all weeping? When we are crying and in the flesh, we aren’t believing in the supernatural. He put them all out of the room to get the death, religion, and doubt out. He told her to arise. And she rose up and walked.
When we hear Him or see Him move, we have to move quickly to not lose it.
We are on the journey every day. We need to get cleaner every day. Jesus experienced the life here on the earth to know what we go through. He knows. He knows how to help us.
These are both examples of people that were able to move the heart of God. God is the one who draws us, but we have to come near. Come with boldness. And boldness is humbleness because you feel like you can’t go to Him but you do anyway!! Break up your hard ground. Sometimes He gives us over to our afflictions so our ground gets broken up. He is so patient if you are seeking Him.
Today is the day of emergency! Break that thing in you to get to Him. Keep going until it breaks. We have to get the noise out to hear Him.


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