I heard a business coach say, “You don’t need confidence, you need courage”.
I would change that up. We don’t need confidence in our self. We need confidence in the Lord. That will give us courage.
That will give us courage to step out in faith, and to wait on the Lord. (Waiting is serving and obeying, seeking, and being lead by Him.)
Faith without works is dead. So, if courage is a form of faith, and we try to be courageous and active of our own self, it is worth nothing in eternity. It will not be able to increase and multiply us or others. It will not bring joy to the Lord either. It actually can offend God.

Many preachers, teachers, life coaches, and pretty much any leaders today are with a force (false confidence) saying be a strong woman, you are this and you are that! Speak and proclaim, and you, you, you!! Run from this.
Don’t go find your identity. Lose it! We are nothing without Jesus. We need to find out who He is. Then He will show us the Father’s heart and the ways of His kingdom in heaven and on earth today!
You want your daughters to grow up and be used for supernatural things. Used to influence and change the nations they are gonna raise. Help their husbands be strong. Be able to change the atmosphere for God and good wherever they go?
We need to put our identities at the foot of the cross daily. Throw the crown at His feet. So many leaders we have, teach in a spirit that says flaunt it, because we are children of God.

After we cast our crowns, like Jesus did, when He chose to come to earth to show us the way to the Father, then we can raise up and be a picture of who we have our confidence in.
Even so much of the Christian worship music today is about you and not Him. If it is building you, I turn it off. Most is entertainment and not worship.
We never need to proclaim who we are to the world. We can tell the devil if necessary, but the world needs to see God not us.

How do we become confident in Him? Ask, seek, and knock. Press in. And it will take a press at times. Don’t lean in like the world term going around.
Matthew 11:12 The kingdom of God is advancing and the violent take it by force. That sounds like a little work and persistence. I have grown in confidence in the Lord, only because he Helped me not to stop. I kept walking step by step in what He showed me. Once you have some steps behind you, you are convinced He is God, and He is Good!! You have to taste to see He is good.
When we keep going and we are nervous and unsure, it will keep us humble and knowing we need Him. He will continue to call and draw us into new seasons in Him. As we keep on the straight and narrow, this will cause us to be like a little child who needs the Lord to help us.
Be bold toward the devil, but be humble and meek all other times!!!! Bold can be a force that is not God. It takes over and needs to learn nothing, but always wants to teach others. Our goal is not to cheer lead or prophesy to others who they are supposed to be. Our walk should point them to where they need to go to be confident in the Lord. Ask the Lord to draw them. If He doesn’t draw them it will not last or be eternal.

With love, let our life bring a smile to the most high God!!



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