To walk, embrace, and speak in truth is bravery. Truth exposes darkness and shines light on all the stuff. Things are shook up when truth shows up.
When truth shines on us, we may instantly feel the chains that were on us break. It may be messy or hard after that, but you know you are changed. You think how did I not see that before? It is like a flood of hope that brings such peace.

I have also had truth released on me and I wanted to hide those parts. I wasn’t ready. I was embarrassed, or sad that things couldn’t be the same ever again. Kinda like Adam and Eve when they hid behind a tree to not be seen.
Truth is facing, and admitting our real motives and actions. Owning the fruit we bore.
Truth is being exposed, and still standing in body, but bowing in the spirit at the foot of the cross. ( not running or pointing fingers).
Truth doesn’t speak to cloke things or craft a unreal reality. Truth doesn’t have to prove itself. It is steadfast and pure. Truth doesn’t need our help or labor to be what it is.
Truth is a anchor for our soul. When we are blown to and fro from the elements, it will keep us in our place, and our call on the straight and narrow. But we have to drive those tent stakes in deeper with truth to be anchored.
Truth will disperse the darkness. Truth breaks unseen chains and removes scales from our eyes.
Truth is confidence. That confidence can only come from being convinced of who God is. Our relationship to Jesus should make us convinced of God’s ways. No one could make us believe a lie. Because we just talked to Him this morning. We just heard His heartbeat we were so close. We just felt His great kindness and love.

Jesus was girded in truth. Before He washed the disciples feet, He wrapped a garment around His truth area. He showed us this is what you will have to do to make it until the end. Once we are convinced, we bend down and serve others so they can be released to do the same.
Truth is a double edged sword. It divides the good from the bad. It tears but heals.
Truth brings peace. It silences the lies and makes the forces of darkness to be silent.

John 14:6 I am the way, the Truth, and the life. Way means a progression. The journey of salvation is paved with truth.

#1 Open up to Him. #2 Then walk in truth with Him. #3 Then life more abundantly will be here on earth in our life. That is the road. That is the call. That is the purpose.
When we don’t know Him for ourselves, our lives are not abundant. They are in a lower state of living. When asked about life styles, or things that are against the truth and word of God, it is easy to sound religious. It is easy to sound, or be like that is wrong, etc….. but really our heart should hurt and grieve privately for the result of sin is non abundant life. It is separation from the Lord’s presence. Blessings are blocked. Joy, hope, and peace will be limited for the person and us.
This isn’t just for the “Big” easy to label stuff. This is for us as disciples trying to walk this truth journey out. I have people I look up to that can do things I can’t! It would be sin and a stumbling block for me. And I know I do things that others can’t as well!! If I mentioned something to you it may be a “little” sin to you. That measuring stick needs the sword of the spirit! The point is, for the heart and soul of men to know God and make Him known. If we know Him, and are convinced of who He is, we will naturally want others to know Him to!! We will want to humble our self to wash their feet to prepare them for the journey of carrying the cross.
Truth is what we need to pray for us to have and embrace. Embrace, I say because sometimes it makes me want to run!! Hang onto it and let it do it’s amazing work! Oh God I pray for truth to be released on my unsaved loved ones. Let the scales come off of their eyes like Paul on the road to Damask.
If there are areas in our life, not in full abundance, we need to ask for truth. Be brave!! Because we will need it. Truth is the fire of the most high God. God above all gods!! We can come out like Daniel and his friends. For the glory of God to be recognized on the earth.

Here are some scriptures. Let it drive our anchors deep. Then let the truth of them drive away the darkness that is trying to kill, steal, and destroy!!
Thank you Lord for truth. Have Your way today! God bless abundantly.


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