Open wide your heart and soul to God. We have to do this so the healing waters of Ezekiel chapter 47 can flow.

Are you blocked, dry, desolate in any area? Do we need healing in the physical and spiritual? Are there people around you that aren’t in a journey with the Lord?

I see us as holding our heart and soul in our hands. And our heads are down, looking at what we are holding. Protecting it is what we think we are doing. Being a good steward and guarding it. Let me tell you, it is a form of control!!! We are owning it instead. We are blocking God. We are being deceived. We are trespassing on God treasures. If we are doing that to ourselves we are doing it to others.
We need to go before the Lord and open wide our spirit, soul, and body. Release your hands off of all you hold precious. Trust Him in a way we never have. When we do this our feet don’t touch the ground. The water is not shallow anymore. We have no control. We are in the supernatural realm of faith. HEALING WATER comes where I can’t control anymore. Where I know it is God that is able. Where I cry out to God alone. Even if no one else comes with us.

Come, come, come, draw near to the place that we can be a vessel that God’s spirit flows from. That we can walk on this earth and healing waters flow to the dry and thirsty. Wherever our feet tread, we leave light, salt, and hope. The standard on us, points to the gate that others may enter in.
Lift our eyes up to the mountain. To the Creator of heaven and earth. Release your grip. Open wide. Let the bride come forth.
Healing waters…




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