Do you have family that aren’t living in the journey with the Lord?
Read Jeremiah 31:1-28
Speak the word out loud as you read. Ask for greater faith to believe.
Let God’s great love flood your soul to push out everything else that fights against the goodness and holiness of who God is.
If you can narrow it down to one thing to say, when things don’t show them ever being fully given over to the Lord,
I say, “Show them your love oh God”

We have to keep moving forward in our own path. We can’t slow down, and wait on others to come, or look back with longing. We can’t stop fighting the good fight and striving to enter in for our self.
God is able to shepherd their souls. He can quicken them in one day. “Holy Spirit help them to respond to God’s drawing” is another thing I ask.
In lifeguard training, they teach blocking techniques to use when going to rescue drowning people. When a person is drowning, and someone tries to rescue them, many times, the rescuers drown as well. They latch on by instinct and pull them both down.
So we may have soul ties to people that need the sword of the spirit to cut loose from them. It will hinder you and them eternally. It can drown you as well as them.
It is not our labor, or life that brings salvation. Don’t put religious things they need to do to on them. This is bigger than what you see or think. And it takes walking in faith.

When the physical eyes show you things that make you weep for your lost loved ones, that is where our physical eyes job is done.
It was just to show you it is time to switch to the spiritual eyes. Physical sight can cause you to cry out to the Lord in intercession. But that is where the eyes we have on earth, stop working and we need the eyes of the spirit. If we can’t switch to the spiritual eyes, we will not be effective at all for our self or them. Or for any other thing the Lord wants us to do for Him. We will just be spinning our wheels and getting no where. And be in great danger of going backwards as well. Or turning to a pillar of salt.
This is exactly what the devil wants. How do we get spiritual eyes? The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Which is the first eye, or spirit, or candle stick is what they are called in different places. That first eye opens all the others.
Isaiah 11:2 is one place the eyes or spirits of God are listed. We absolutely won’t make it until the end without them. In Revelation, the 7 the churches were warned about not functioning in these. If they let that candle stick or light go out, they were toast, and what they had would be taken away.

The 7 spirits are:
Fear of lord
Spirit of counsel

These are what GRACE is. These are the keys of the kingdom. This is how to get set free from those unseen chains. This is how to be overcomers on this earth today!! And until we go out of here. Count how many times it says to overcome in Revelation. I highlighted that word in my bible.
We don’t just say a prayer one time, and show up to church. Grace is active. Grace is dying on the cross everyday. Grace is overcoming and looking back and saying I see growth! I don’t know how you changed that in me, Lord. Thank You thank You for this call. It is a journey with great joy. It is a labor that brings great satisfaction, peace, strength, joy, and on and on.

We learn of the 9 fruits of the spirit, but not the 7 eyes. They both go hand and hand. The 7 eyes are grace. It is the key to building equity in heaven and to be a over-comers on earth. It is how we bring the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.
The Lord’s Prayer is our prayer. We pray and think of it as, okay do it God. But He said, “Go and do greater things than I did, because I made the way”. We are commissioned by God to take back dominion! It starts in our own soul first!!
People are walking around zombies without hope, because they don’t have purpose or the vision of the kingdom. Some, because they don’t want to fulfill that purpose of God’s standards and holiness. And they reject it.
We are to be a picture of the Bride. God is wanting us in our walk of salvation to be like His bride walking down the aisle for all to see. Many people are turned away from church or being a Christian because we sometimes don’t look any different from the world. Mixed Fruit.

Let us raise the standard of holiness in our life, higher and higher as we go. Let us overcome the things of our past. Let us show fruit of love, even when no one else may see. Let us know Him and make Him known! Let us be a bride that others would want to be too!
With a cry for more and more love to abound for Him, and His heart to be brought forth. Shyla





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