Hebrews 1:1-3
#541 brightness of His glory is a key word. Emit light is a key meaning. We are to be vessels of light. Think of the people we are drawn to. If it is the “light” of movie stars and entertainers etc…. that are totally against the standards of God. We are drawn away from God’s presence and can quickly be off the straight and narrow way to Him. We quickly become dead in our sins. And we don’t hunger or thirst for the things of the spirit anymore. I have people in my life and even strangers sometimes. That I see the light of God coming out of them. I want to be around these people!!! It is life flowing through you, when you fellowship with them. Then there are people that the light is dim. I have literally ran the other way, and made things happen to avoid them because I don’t want to be sucked dry and fight that junk off. There are times though, when I knew God said, “lay your life down and deal with them.”
Sometimes people will try to take your oil of intimacy with the Lord instead of getting their own. We are to point them to the source of where to get it themselves. This can be read about in Matthew 25:1-30. If we are vessels of light, it should stir others up to be that too. I know when I have been emitting darkness, and I am around people full of light, it helps break through that dark place for me because of the hope and light they walk in. I can be stirred in God to go to Him, so I can get some light! But also, if you really don’t want to do the work to get set free of that thing, you choose to fellowship with it, instead of God. When you are around people of light, you will hate them, and lash out, and all sorts of nasty stuff. So we need to examine a lot of things!!
#5481 is another key word I love. Express image. Oh how I love this! We are to be an expression of God Himself!! He wants to use our bodies to show His heart. I am a very expressive person. But it is a gifting that was not even in the refining process for way too long. I am in now, but still far to go. But my expression brought attention to “me”. It was also loud and would disturb the peace of others etc…. it was not a quiet, meek spirit pointing to the Lord. I also know people who have zippo expression. That is out of balance too!!!! There is life that is bound up by who knows what! But we are to express. Especially when I see little children bound up with no life coming out of them, it is painful. It is not natural at all. I am like, what happened to you little one. My heart wants to help them come out!!!!
So joy and life of the kingdom of God can be used to draw all men unto Him!! We the church, are the Bride and should be the most joyful, light filled, at peace people ever!!! If we aren’t, we need to check the paths and bow our knee to change. A people set a part. I also know people that would never, ever, let you know there is any hard thing or emotional stuff they are going through ever. They are always “fine” and happy. They aren’t real either. I can’t even deeply ever relate to some of them. Because there is never any depth they will let you in. I have after years of trudging forward, by the grace of God, in the journey, can be in a big thing that is hard, and I still have joy and hope and be excited about life. It was the weirdest thing the first time I recognized it happening. But I am so thankful now.
This all is to say, RUN TO THE LIGHT!!! So we can help others do the same!!!! If we only want the shiny things of the world, that is the light we will have. It won’t last or have the eternal power of the most high God that can draw souls to the Father. To the extent we seek him, is the amount of Him we will have. That is one reason the church is sick and weak, and limited in signs and wonders and victories. It looks like the world. The standard of holiness has been let down, because it is too hard and offensive. And the numbers will go down. Let the end time church arise! The church without walls. The church of our heart!! That is 24/7 wherever He shows our feet to tread! Let’s express His great LOVE. Jesus made the way already. Thank you Lord for the narrow way……….


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