John 4:1-42

Samaritan woman at the well.
Jew and Samaritans hated each other. Samaritan’s were half Jews. So there was a fight for who was best, etc. And this lady did not have a good standing with her people. But Jesus chose her to speak of what kind of heart God wants. It pushes every other “qualification” out!!! He gave her an invitation to the eternal equity. SOULS are the equity of God. That should be our heart above all our religious ideas. 

Verse 35 is what I was quickened to this morning. Our time is short to be able to serve, and be a vessel of God. The harvest fields are ripe!!
God wants the body of Christ, or His bride, to all be working to gather the souls back to Him! Some may water, some plant, etc. But His Spirit is what causes their heart to come into the salvation covenant. We just get to be a part of His labor. He wants to use us!!! Jesus said, “Lift up your eyes”. Get our eyes off of the physical. Look up into the spirit.


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