The world will tell you be a super hero. Be what makes you happy. Do you. You. You. You.
There is a movement happening in the church and world. It is build up the woman. Make your daughters strong and powerful and we don’t need anyone.

If we want to be all God created us to be, we need to seek who God is. We need to sit at His feet and listen and serve. We need to pick up the cross daily. This is not a weak position. It takes a great striving to enter in, and be humble and meek.
I want to catch the heart of God. I want the heart of God to trust in me. I want to bring a smile to Him. Not I can do it myself, and give me this, it is my right.

Walking out Proverbs 31 is what will stir the Father to seek to pour out on us. That will bring fruit of your labor in all that we do. That will help us to hear, and know who He is. That will bring eternal value to our every day doings.
I had a daughter say, I wouldn’t ever get an abortion. But it is the right for the girl to be able to choose. I said, aside from all the rights and choices, what about the baby? She said, well it is not human yet. I said, I believe the spirit is in the baby the moment of conception. She argued.
If this was bible times I would have tore my clothes and put on sack cloth and ashes. Oh I have not done my job well. This is so sad. This is straight from the ‘world’ influence. I am super sad that this is where we are at.
For forgiveness and healing, Psalms 25:1-22 is a great prayer and passage to pray. Verse 7 says, remember not the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions: According to thy mercy remember thou me for thy goodness sake. I know there is healing and forgiveness for anyone that has done this or any other thing that has opened a door for us to be condemned and confined and not in the path and journey in Jesus. The devil will use these sin ties to tug us around and beat us up. We can be free and totally healed!!
I want to be in delight as I do this work on earth. Like Proverbs 31. She did her work in joy. She had much to give.
I want to make my Father proud. I want to be a willing, happy servant, so peace and light come out and shine who He is in the flesh. I want to need God, not my own strength. I want the glory on Him and not a wonder woman persona. If we want to live we have to die. We have to have our will die on the cross. Our hearts need to be humble, reverent, and meek.

God says a meek and quiet spirit is beautiful to Him. Why are we seeking anything but God, to stir us up and be our example. You want the ‘super’ natural wonders in our life? We find it at the foot of the cross. We find it in the Word, we find it in worshiping, singing, dancing, and saying, here am I Lord. Declare with our mouth who He is, and what He has done. Thankful hearts. God what are you thinking today? What is Your heart?
Let the world personas go. There are two kingdoms. We are building one or the other.

Oh this journey is precious. The opportunities we are given in Him and the ability to feel and know His great love. Let us not be deceived and drawn away from the truth of the vision.



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