I am on Ezekiel still!!

Read chapter 36, the title in my bible is the future restoration of Israel. That is us today!! My footnote summary is good.

Prophecy of the regathering of Israel at the end of the great tribulation as well as a description of the new covenant and it’s spiritual implications. This passage clarifies the order events; the re-gathering of the nations verse 24 will precede God’s national cleansing of Israel verse 25 and Zechariah 13:1 and the placing of his spirit within his people Ezekiel 36; 26 , 27 chapter 37;14 and Zechariah 12:10.
Then read after the bride, or church ,or Israel. All those names are who we are called to be.

Read chapter 37 we will be vessels God can use to prophesy and do God’s end time work!!!!
But my whole point today is first we have to get in the cleansing process!!!

Ezekiel 36:9
For Behold, I am for you and I will turn to you; and you shall be tilled and sown.
We have to get our ground ready for the seed to be planted and it be grown up into fruit to be used!! That hard fallow ground can’t even receive the seed if it is not made ready. God is looking for ground He can use. You can study the four different grounds in Matthew.

To be sown and tilled is painful and sweaty work. Think of how a woman’s body is created. We are to be vessels of a seed that is conceived. Then it nurtures and feeds these babies until it can be born. Then for years we labor over it as well. But first we go through a monthly cycle that cleans the womb. It sheds the layers that would keep the egg from implanting so it can grow. We have to be in a cleansing process to bear fruit and do this end time work. So many “start” the process and then hard things come up that we need to “labor” over and allow god to change in us. But it is to hard so they quit the race. He is looking for those that will FINISH!!! We will not all get a trophy. It says we have to finish!!!!! Okay again I didn’t leave enough time. I gotta go to work!! Please share if you study these passages. What you get out of them!!! Be blessed!!


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