Ezekiel 37:1-28   Valley of dry bones.

Israel was spiritually dead. In the Old Testament this is where God’s chosen race came to be. In the New Testament we are called to be Israel in our individual hearts. Then as the Bride of Christ, or “church“ , a body. This physically happened in Ezekiel’s time. Today we need to see our self as an Ezekiel. This is what God wants to do in the end times!! Read this like we are Ezekiel today. God wants to show His glory through people!!! I have been dead bones walking around. God called and has breathed His life in me.

Now, we are called to arise and let Him do the same through us!!! We are in the last days. I don’t care if people have said this for a thousand years. We should live like we are!! Let’s do as much as we can. I want to live like I am seeing the army being brought back to life today. I want to be a part of this!!! I want to see, and be a part of millions of souls coming to the Lord. Read this passage and BELIEVE you are meant to be a part of what God is doing!!! Repent, commit, ask, seek, and let the standard of holiness be raised. Above all, let us talk and fellowship with Him always. We have a purpose that brings the Father great joy to watch play out in our lives and hearts on earth. We can bring joy to the most high God!! Our heart is the key. Let your name be changed from Jacob to Israel!! Read this passage and be stirred to action.

I was at a funeral service for a lady the other day. She was stolen away at 45 years old. Many emotions I had processed during the service and before. But one surprising one, that popped up before it was over was holy anger, not toward the one person that was used to take her out. It was one that was a war cry to go to battle to overcome the forces of darkness for God’s kingdom. I was fired up to get to work!!!
One thing the preacher warned was about bitterness. Don’t let that happen. It is true. Let us be taught what holy anger is. It is a call to take dominion back on this earth.


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