Judges 6:1-32 Gideon’s call.

The Israelites were supposed to conquer and take the lands they were given. But instead they adopted the wicked ways of the people around them. God gave them over to those people, so they would cry out to him and serve God alone again. Gideon was secretly threshing wheat so it wouldn’t be taken by the Midianites. God came as a angel and said he was a man of valour and might, and that he would deliver the people. The first thing he told him to do was walk in His might and you shall save Israel. So we have to start on that journey of the call. In faith he had to believe. The next thing God told him was in verse 25 … to throw down the alter of Baal that his father had and cut down the grove by it.

I said all of this to say, we will not prosper and we will be captive to wickedness until we do this in our life. We have to check the paths and see what is good and God. Then walk there. It may be things we learned in the churches we attend, the traditions of our family, or so many things. We have to cut that down and out of our life.

God show us what this is for each of us.

Are we willing to let the wrath of that come, and walk in the might of God? It is not easy when something has owned you. It will manifest and try all sorts of things to keep you in bondage. It is worth the fight!! Keep going and let God be God.


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