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Just a fun little tutorial using a portion of the IOD Wild Flower Botanical transfer! The whole roll is $27 but I only used a small portion of it here on my bookshelf, and will use the rest other places!

My paint shelf has a chalk/clay paint on it from Debi’s Design Diary, and it’s not sealed yet. I’m not saying you can’t put a transfer on top of a sealed piece, it’s just better to seal on top of the transfer after. So I cut what section I wanted from off the other pieces and then pulled the backing off when I was ready. Make sure and wait til you’re ready cause you don’t want to get finger prints or anything else stuck on the back to mess it up! Place it where you want it, and tape down with some painter’s tape at least in one place.

It comes with a stick, but you can use a credit card or something kind of stiff. So you just rub it with the plastic piece until it transfers onto the piece. This is already a distressed look, on purpose. Some people think it’s missing parts but it’s not! It can also be distressed more with a fine grit sander after if you want that! As you are going, pull back some of the front plastic and just take a peek at it to see how it is transferring to see if some isn’t coming off and needs more work. I was just doing one transfer here, but you can also layer it with another transfer, or stamps… so many options!

On the darker colors on my transfer, you can tell when it adheres to the piece because the plastic becomes kind of translucent.

These transfers are a one time use thing. They are permanent. If you put them outside, you can put a polyurethane water based sealer that is UV protected to keep them from fading, but they look really good faded too! I’ve put them on my glass and metal doors and they are looking great! You can do these on smooth or rough surfaces, but you just gotta know the rough surface is gonna take it a little bit different. There was a knot hole on this piece I just turned my scraper and had to work with it a little bit!

If you are a systematic person you’ll probably do really well with this, but I’m just kinda all over the place…. 🙂

I love those people that are able to freehand paint this kinda stuff, but I’m not one of them. And even if I was I probably couldn’t sit in one spot long enough to do it. So this really helps somebody like me to add artistic flare to everywhere! You can put this on your bathroom or kitchen cabinets. There are so many designs and I can mail them out!

So before you take the paper off, check the paper to make sure none of the transfer is left. After you pull it off, just kinda rub all over the transfer with your fingers, and then grab a dry cloth/rag and “burnish” the picture or lightly rub. So then you wax over the transfer to finish it off. A little bit goes a long way. I use a brush but you can also use a rag to wipe on. You also can use a polyurethane water base, that won’t yellow or stink. You can use a top coat I have here to seal it, or modge podge to seal it. There’s semigloss and matte finishes. The matte finish looks like chalk paint when you’re done. You have to seal it to keep the longevity of it.

I wouldn’t suggest putting these transfers on a table top or somewhere with super heavy use unless you’re okay with it getting naturally distressed as you go! You do want to make sure these transfers go on dry chalk paint, at least a day dry. We will do some of these transfers at workshops but will use my heat gun to pull the water out of the paint and put it on a little quicker than we should.

Any dates mentioned in video are out of date! Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

Thanks for watchin!


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