Now I’m going to be honest. These doors were created to keep our dog out of the bedrooms. He likes to mark corners of beds if he’s alone, so this was our solution to that problem. Hopping over an immovable baby gate every time I need to go back to the bedrooms was a hassle and I ended up making piles by the gate to take back later… But I think these doors are so cool you could use them for so many other purposes, too!

I was looking online for different options and you can actually just buy gates like this or similar. But, I have a pretty handy husband that could at least show me how to cut some pallet wood… how hard could it be? 🙂

Now I chose to go with the “barn door” look. Other ideas were the simple fence gate or the saloon which has a more “swoop” design on the top. I’m just more of a barn gal myself!

I first had the idea from a childhood desire of mine… Did you ever think about having saloon doors in your home? I remember going to a few restaurants growing up thinking they were the coolest things.

My husband actually ended up building the doors himself. He likes to do that stuff for me but I also think he thought I might hurt myself somehow… 🙂 So after he built and installed them with the hinges, I varnished.

We got these double action hinges off of Amazon. They are $22 for a pack of 2. Depending the weight and size of doors you might have more or less. The tension is also adjustable. They come in different colors but we chose the black to kinda pull on the black in the pallet wood.

Side note: Our hinges are a little bit squeaky, but that doesn’t bother us!


You definitely do not have to varnish these guys! I really liked how they looked before, it just seemed more practical for us to varnish to seal off the wood. I don’t want our kids to be dealing with splinters all the time if they aren’t careful or the gates catching on our clothes. I also wanted to be able to see all the texture and flaws of this wood, but you could totally stain or paint these and it would look really good! I just used a satin finish oil base varnish. If this were smooth wood, I would use a foam brush, but not a chance on this rough stuff. I ended up using just a cheap stronger bristle paint brush.

This probably would have been a lot easier to varnish with no hinges and laying down, but we were so sick of hopping over the old baby gate we just put it up!

Here are the gates one side varnished and the other not. 

The varnish made the wood look richer, but also a little more red than I like. I ended up varnishing twice because the pallet wood was dry and thirsty. I think by the end it lightened back up when it dried.





Who wants to go make some doors? 🙂


Erika Troyer
One of Shyla’s bonus daughters 🙂



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