The first home our family started in had these old, old windows that had to be replaced…. Some were too big to keep, but most weren’t. 🙂

I have loved giving away some of them as gifts and figuring out different things to do!

This window I did for my sister for her wedding shower and used it as a decoration, also!

The way I went about doing this is very much the same as other posts I’ve done using graphite paper and an embossing tool. Check out the posts Wood Burning a Grenade Box or hand painting on wood where I go into more detail.

I wanted to keep this window pretty simple and not be too opinionated so she can use it for many years wherever she wants it to be. I decided on her future last name and established 2019, and then a blue flower for a pop of color, and some engagement pictures that can easily be changed to anything else like future family photos!




Erika Troyer
One of Shyla’s bonus daughters 🙂



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