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I am here to talk about Heirlooms Traditions gel stain….It is amazing! I love this stuff soooo much! It doesn’t stink, or splatter, like regular stain.

I love this brand. It’s what I sell, it’s what I use. I love this amazing company. They do amazing sells. Check them out on their Facebook, and they have tutorials on YouTube.

I have a cut off piece of wood from my bar that we made in the video below if you want to check it out!

I was going for the rustic farmhouse look.

If you have fresh wood or even if you’re going over something else, this gel stain is amazing because you don’t have to sand it down to the bare wood like you do with some other stains. Just get some teeth on it, take the shine off of it. Take the sanding block on it a little bit, but you don’t have to get crazy! And then you can change the color to deeper and it really works good!


If you are doing a bare wood, you still need to sand it a bit cause it lifts the wood up and it receives the stain better.

This stuff looks like pudding and is so nice to work with! They also have an amazing wax that you put over chalk paint that works so good. It is like $25 for a container but it will last you several projects and be worth every drop of money. Again, it doesn’t stink!

Heirloom Traditions is on the cutting edge of technology. I know there are other companies that have great things, I know there are. I personally just know and love this company.

You want to stir any product you get really, really good. These are all water soluble, too. So that is really nice for clean up. I use the extra wide popsicle sticks, they are so nice for the shorter cans. I got a bunch off Amazon for selling paint in the store.

Side Note: They also do good for chin waxes. I used to do a lot of waxes….so these are good, you want the big ones for that. 🙂

I love socks for staining and waxing. I have used t-shirts too, but when you cut those up you can get little fuzzies and can get it in your stuff. You can put it on with a chip brush or a high quality brush and be able to rinse the stain out of the brushes good. You can slap it on with a paint brush or whatever, but then rub it off with a sock.

There are some woods you need to put a preconditioner on but hardly ever with this stuff!

This pretty much covers what I was wanting to share today… Thank you guys so much for stopping by!!

There is a lot more info and visuals in the video below if you want that!

Here is the link to order online and receive my discount!


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1. What do you think about this gel stain?

2. Is there a tutorial you want to see me do?


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