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Hi! I am going to do the “in kindest regards” stamp. It’s just a little letter that I can’t really read too much, but I’m going to put it on a black cute end table that is going to be for sale!

So first off what we do, I have these little sheets I use for cutting boards and you can get them at Dollar Tree for 2 for $1.

I loaded the brayer (you can also use the foam roller) with white, and then you just roll it over the letters. Your stamp is on a little plastic mount. I don’t know like latex paint on these stamps. It was horrible to get off. Right now I’m using a chalk paint. IOD brand also has an ink and I do have that available at the Medley Market in Watonga or you can just order here off my website and I can ship them to you! I haven’t tried the ink yet, but it is a little different because it is a little more translucent, so there are times you would rather use it than the chalk.

I decided to kinda do this table cockeyed…so once you put it on there, you have to commit or else you will get it smeared and blurred. Lay it down gently, apply some pressure, using your finger tips. If this looks terrible when I pull it off, I will just use a wash rag and water to wipe it off and start over! Or you can repaint over it… So don’t be scared!

(I’ve done this another time on a client’s wall and it was a white wall with a cream wash and used black paint for the letters. So pretty!)

So when I pulled it off and it’s sooo cute besides a spot towards the top I got too much paint and smeared a little bit that I just need to touch up a bit!


So come check out all my different stamps and moulds that can be used over and over! And also my large transfers! These products and projects are really fun!


Thanks for watchin!


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