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I am putting an iron orchid design transfer on my apartment door to my store. This is the Wildflower Botanical. I’m putting a couple pieces here on my metal door and one on the glass door. You can put these transfers on wood, furniture, mirrors, and glass. You can mix and match the transfers, stamps, and moulds. This is only my first time to use this product of the transfer. I’ve used an off brand, but this stuff is so much easier to work with. This transfer paper is flexible, it has grid lines to help you line stuff up and keep things straight.

They have improved their tool that comes with the package. I can mail these out from my website or come into the store and I have them here and check them all out!

So the first step I did was to clean with alcohol and wash rag. The transfer has a backing on it that you want to keep on there until you have it stuck where you want it and painter’s taped it down, then you can remove the backing. You don’t want to touch the clean back or get anything on it. You need to tape it down in couple places just snug. Then you literally take your tool and “scrape” the design off the transfer onto the door. Keep the design taped on there until you are sure it all transferred.

This is the best ever. This seriously looks like I can paint. People are gonna drive by here and their gonna say “oh my gosh Shyla painted on her door”. No, I can’t paint. And you can buy these transfers and look like you can paint! 🙂

Now they do have these transfers in black and white. (Not in this particular style.) But you can water color paint those.

So you can tell when you get the transfer scraped off the color kinda lightens and gets clear. This transfer is somewhat distressed already, but you can make it more with a fine grit sanding block, or paint them, glaze or wax over them.  Other people have put them on their business doors and held up great. They may fade but I’m not sure…. I’ll keep you guys posted!

You can cut these up and put them all over. The whole roll is $27. So for $27 I look like I painted these on here. So come check these out!

So if you start peeling these off and you find some chunks not coming off, keep it close so you can put it right back up and get it all off!

This is so fun!!


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