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I wanted to do a quick stamp of the Iron Orchid Designs on a tea towel!

This stamp set is about $27-$29 and is very durable and reusable. The ladies that made these made them sturdy, so don’t be afraid when pulling them off, they are on there pretty tight.

When you first get your stamp set you have to season it a little bit. Take some fine grit sand paper and just scuff it up a little bit. It helps pick up the paint, ink, chalk paint, etc. I personally really like chalk paint just for cleaning purposes. It’s easier to work with.

To roll the paint on the stamp you use a brayer. I have the IOD ones in stock. You can also get them at Hobby Lobby but the brand matters for quality sake. So “load” the brayer aka roll the paint on. Then you can take another plate and roll some off if you don’t want it too heavy, but I like going heavy! The stamps are made to look distressed. You can free hand this, put it on a thin mount, acrylic lock, or all sorts of things.

So you flip the loaded stamp over, paint side down, and lay it on the towel where you want it! Don’t shift him! Just “tickle” the stamp is what they say to do…. so I do a hard “tickle”. 🙂 Then carefully lift the stamp up, and you got a stinkin’ cute tea towel!

Now, you are supposed to heat press it, like with an iron with some parchment paper in between to set in the ink or paint. And they are supposed to wash up great!

Check out the video below to see the demo for real!
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