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Alrighty, I’m doing one on glass, here we go! I am loving these products, they are so adorable.

Once again I cleaned the door with alcohol, taped the design to the glass. Take the tool that comes with the transfer, and just get busy! It feels so different on the glass then it did on the door.

Scrape or push until the picture goes light. But remember to keep one place taped up you can pull it back and make sure it all came off before you completely take the transfer down.

You can do this on windows, in your house, on your little camper, on books. They have stamps with roses, Moroccan tile like I showed you on the green shelf, bunnies, rabbits, barn house, so many moulds and stamps.

One thing I forgot to do on the last video was burnish the transfer into the product. Just using a rag to “melt” into the item. You can put wax or sealer over it, too.

Come check out the store! I’ll show you how to do moulds, stamps, and have fun! Stamps and moulds can be used over and over again. People that make candies and do cakes, you can use these moulds for that!


Thanks for watchin!


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