This video will give you some ideas on how changing or adding a door opening can increase the space and function of a room. The needs for how our family and lives change as time goes on. So think about adapting the spaces to fit where your life is now.

Part 1

If I would have been able to use this tool to cut the sheetrock part it would have been easier and a neater cut. I was able to do it with a sheetrock saw though. Although, I would not even attempt to cut through the wood trim and 2×4 on the floor without it. This is a demonstration of one way this amazing $35.00 Harbor Freight item works.




Part 2

This is the basics of what it will take and what to think about if you are cutting a new door opening in a room. I used a sheet rock saw because my electric all  purpose tool was missing a piece. In the next two videos. I will show you how that tool was nessasary and used for the floor trim part.


Part 3



Part 4

The last step of the demo of cutting the new opening to the bathroom is getting the 2×4 up. We had to use a crowbar after cutting through the wood with the all purpose tool. It had big nails and maybe even some glue. So we needed some toro to get it up.



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