Acts 20:17-38
Paul was telling the people that they would see his face no more. He was warning and imploring them. He reminded them how he kept nothing back that was profitable to them. Even rebuking them was for their profit. He was not just a smiling preacher who was saying only positive affirmations and life coaching one liners about building you up. He preached repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ. His heart and goal was to FINISH his course with joy. He said he was pure from the blood of all men. Meaning those he killed in his zeal of “religion” before he knew Christ. But also, from the blood of those he preached the true gospel. If he would have just preached nice things, as to not offend, or lose church members, their blood would be on his hands.

Verse 27. I declared to you all the counsel of God. This is the part I wanted to get to. Verse 28
TAKE HEED THEREFORE UNTO YOURSELVES, AND TO ALL THE FLOCK, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you OVERSEERS, to feed the church of God, which he had purchased with his own blood. (Death on the cross in our life, too.)
 For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.

If we are saved, we are called to be overseers. What an honor and call to do for God’s tender sheep. Who He gave His life for. He said I am going to not physically be with you, so this is what you are called to do for God’s most precious treasure. The souls of men are His equity. It is everything!!!!!! Always. When He brings judgement, it is only to the amount that is necessary to bring the soul in!! I have let wolves in my own household. I have opened doors because I wasn’t set free even though I was saved. I have been set free in so many areas now, but there are some of my children that were drawn away during that time. They do not want God or His ways. At the same time, they have opened their heart and have recognized the change in me. More than once they have said they see the work in Mark’s and my heart.

I can’t put my laws and ways on them. Like in Acts 15 where they were talking about the gentiles staying outside the camp. If they live with us, they have to be circumcised and do all these laws. Paul said no!!!! You can go read there. I can only live my life before people with consistent fruit bearing of being changed and in joy of the Lord. They are seeing. Even if they don’t want it for themselves yet. I intercede for God to draw them into His great love. And to help me see with His eyes, when the spirit is moving to say or do certain things. We have to not stop on our path to the Lord because of condemnation of our past or mistakes even though our children, friends, or co workers aren’t coming along, and we know we may have even hindered them.

Are you willing to go without them? That was a hard one for me. I had to choose to go regardless.

Oh God, give me Your zeal for the souls to be given back to You!!!! Oh God, my prayer is that the bride would rise up in the standard of holiness so we can have strength and power in the spirit, like Phineas did. We drive the sword through the demonic forces that have the souls in bondage and deception!!!!!! We need to be angry in a holy anger. Not a religious anger that they aren’t doing it like we want or how we think it should look!! It is all about the souls. If we don’t want to see people set free, we need to go back to our first love and ask for His heart for the souls.


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