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I bought a cute little chair from Lemons & Lace at Canton, it’s an amazing store you should check it out! But come in here, too! 🙂 I saw the paint was kind of chipping off, and showing yellow! I love yellow so I went and sanded some more off to show more yellow. I’m going to now put the Iron Orchid “Painterly Roses” stamp on it! I have all this DIY stuff at Weatherford and Watonga if you need it!

I love the ink for the stamps, but I didn’t have hot pink or green so I had to go to my chalk and little bit of latex. Latex is just a lot harder to clean off of the stamps.

Let’s get started! You can use a thin mount with these to lay the stamps on and paint them, but this pattern works really good just doing it by hand with my brayer. So I roll it on the stamp, lightly loaded for a distressed look. Then I placed on the seat of the chair and lightly tapped the back of the stamp with hand, then pulled it off. It’s a layer stamp so it’s gonna look weird until I add more stamps with different colors. So I got another flower stamp and I changed colors… I did not clean out the brayer because I wanted the paints to change and blend together a little bit! I layed it on top off the other stamp I already did to create the “layered” look.

This stamp comes with soooo many stamps you can do so much! Now I went to my greens… I had 2 shades of green. This stamping is so much fun. You can do it on fabric, chairs, pillow cases, curtains, I mean you can go nuts with this stuff. I did switch to another brayer since going to green. Okay so I put my leafy stamp on (forgetting about my stem so I just went for it). Then guess what I did…. dipped my pink brayer and accidentally dipped it in the green! Ahh! So I grabbed my baby wipe and cleaned that up. Then went and added my scrolly stem.

Like okay, I cannot freehand paint or draw, so this really kicks up my artistic crafts having these stamps. I almost feel like one of those people that can do stuff! haha

If you are doing this at home and are pretty quick you don’t have to wash it off right away, but clean up will be easier sooner if they do start to dry.

So in this set of stamps, you will see that some of the flowers look like blobish and some are more detailed. That is so you have more color on a “background rose” and then place the more detailed one over the top in a different color. So next I did a smaller rose straight hot pink and then used an even smaller detailed rose to go on top of that with more of a coral color. I layered on top about as fast as I can load another stamp, I didn’t let it dry very much, but there again I’m not loading too much paint on each stamp.

So next I grabbed a baby bud and painted him green and added him to my roses. You could also use the typesetting stamps to customize for your children or something like that! They are so much fun.

Any dates mentioned in video are out of date! Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

Thanks for watchin!


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