DIY Paint


I only stock the 8 oz and 16 oz size right now, but this product does come in a quart size option:

  • 8 oz sample jar.  Perfect for a small project like a chair or small side table.
  • 16 oz pint.  Usually more than enough to complete a good size piece of furniture.
  • 32 oz quart.  Covers approximately 150 square feet will cover several pieces of furniture.

You can come in store to get your paint from my stock, or just go to this link and get it ordered!   Order your paint here!

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1.  Clean & Dry object to be painted.
2.  Remove lid & stir thoroughly. (Sometimes you don’t even need to stir our paint!  It’s that good)
3.  Apply one coat & allow to dry. (15 min to a few hours to dry, depending on climate)
4.  Apply second coat, if needed.
5.  Allow second coat to dry.
6.  Seal surface with DIY paint finished product.
Do Not Freeze!

Only 9 ingredients + Love

Ingredients: Love, water, clay, porcelain clay, chalk, alcohol, ester (as a binder), cellulose, pigments, preservative.

Paint your dreams!

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Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in

Bohemian Blue, Vintage Linen, White Swan, Weathered Wood, Sandy Blonde, Marquee, Gypsy Green, Cake Batter, Prairie Grey, Apothecary, Summer Crush, Hey Sailor, Mermaid Tale, Carnival Red, Mint Chip, Skeleton Key, White Swan, Farm Fresh, Crinoline, Old School, French Millinery, Apothecary, Black Velvet, Sea Glass, Layered Chocolate, Cowgirl Coral, Fancy Farm Girl, Gravel Road, Kissing Booth, Letterpress Grey, Little Black Dress, Old '57, Old School, Pedal Pusher, Petticoat Pink, Prom Queen, Queen Bee, Sandy Blonde, Sea Glass, Faded Burlap


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