Latte Time Course


Just in time for Thanksgiving! This four week course begins Monday October 22 – Monday November 19th. Grab some coffee for some fuel! We are going to organize your kitchen, master bathroom/closet and bedroom. These are the rooms we start, and end our days. Rooms set the tone for the life we live, let’s make it a good one for us, family, and friends.



What this adventure will include:

  • I will send a list after you sign up for a few things to think about or gather, to be ready. You do not have to buy anything. I want you to use what you have already if possible.
  • A virtual, one on one consult with me, to asses your spaces and needs.
  • I will give you ideas to implement for your specific spaces, during the consult and throughout the course.
  • Four weekly Facebook lives in a closed group, where you can ask questions and communicate with others on what we are all tackling. I have gleaned so much information, inspiration, and encouragement from members in the groups l am in!!! This is a huge value, you don’t think about when joining, but soon will find out about! You can watch at a later time also.
  • Four weekly list,  of a road map of things to do in bite size pieces, or in larger chunks, according to your life that week.
  • I also plan to pop in several times on Facebook lives to demonstrate or address what is happening in our process, of getting stuff done. These times will not be to answer comments live, but I will go back later and address them.
  • Leave your email in the comments if you are interested in this, or future adventures. Look forward to some Latte time with you!
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